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Super Mario Adventure

Controls:(Gamecube) A to jump.(it is 3d too) B to punch. control stick to move. Y to view the map. X to switch partners. (DID I MENTION THAT?) Start to pause. L to do special move if can. R to change partners C stick, you know what. Z to do spin jump And A in the air to do a ground pound

Story: Bowser was just saying his plan to his best koopas and goombas, while Mario was spying. But Mario tripped. This is when Bowser says "And-WHAT!? MARIO? GET HIM!" That is when the player starts to jump on koopas and use the shells to knock out the goombas.Oh and Bowser is planning to kidnap the princess, merry her, and become king.

King Goomba
Blue goomba and Red goomba with 20 other goombas
The Ninja Koopa bros.
Dirty mario(Super Mario Sunshine)
Bowser jr.
Mega Peach(I want one, so there is!)
Master hand?(WHAT THE...)

Right out of Bowser's castle
Outer Space(How did Mario get to Bowser's castle...)
Some dark place Mario fell into
Into a portal into another demension(Oh...)
Out of the portal and in some woods
More into woods
Still fighting that dirty Mario guy who really is Bowser Jr.
Out of forest(FINALLY!)
At the mushroom kingdom(Just fighting koopa troops)
fighting with bowser...
Fighting strange evil toads that are in another demension-
-that is not with tatanga
With the cape, jumping one time will make you fly.
Fire Flower...just press B
F.L.U.D.D. controls after other items.
Boo makes you able to pree Z to become invisable=cant see
Potion heals a life...THAT IS THE ITEMS

F.L.U.D.D. controls:
A makes you use the cannon thing to make you go high you run faster
B shoots water
Double A makes you hover
R makes you FLUDD the place(drums) GET IT?...forget it...
L... same thing

About partners:
The partners are Lugie and Kooper, they have there own items.

Luigi items:
1-up mushroom Starman( as in if a enemy touches you IT gets damaged) vacumm(only change is the B button) and...YOSHI! Yoshi controls after Kooper...

Kooper Items:
Freeze thing(freezes enemies/from Mario Bros.
Sword??? Those are it.

Yoshi controls:
B to eat enemies
A to jump A in the air again to go alittle higher
X to aim a egg and Y to throw it
Z to spin jump
L to spit water (stops enemies)
R is to change partners(Yoshi goes with Lugie)

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