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SUPER MARIO RPG: Legend of the Shadow Shrine

This game would be an RPG for the gamecube.

Controls = (outside of battle)
Control stick = move around
A = jump/accept/talk
B = hammer/cancel
Y = action command (push/pull/lift etc.)
Z = World map
Start = menu screen
(In battle)
A= choose/accept
B = cancel
Y = defend
Control stick = move curser
Mario = Every ones favorite superstar
Weapon= hammers Starting level= 1
Stats= Power 20 Defense 15 Special 15 Special defense 10 Speed 15
Abilities FP Level learned
Fireball 5 N/A Shoots a fireball at the enemy
Mega punch 5 4 Strongly punch an enemy
Coin punch 15 10 Punch an enemy and steal coins
Mario tornado 20 19 Creates a tornado to damage all enemies
Flame tornado 30 32 Creates a tornado of flames to greatly damage all enemies
Toad = Yes that wimp actually helps you in this!
Weapon= vegetables/bombs etc. basically throwing stuff Starting level 1
Stats = Power 12 Defense 10 Special 17 Special Defense 15 Speed 17
Abilities FP Level learned
Throw N/A N/A Throw extra items or weapons for damage
Sleep Powder 7 6 May put all enemies too sleep
Spores 12 13 Poison all enemies
Healing shroom 15 23 Uses a special mushroom to heal 100 HP
Curing shroom 15 23 Uses a special mushroom that gets rid of all status effects
Boshi = Boshi from Super Mario Rpg returns and ends up helping Mario
Weapon = boots for kicking Starting level 5
Stats= Power 20 Defense 22 Special 15 Special defense 13 Speed 17
Abilities FP Level learned
Lick 6 N/A Paralyze one enemy for 1 turn
Steal N/A 8 Steal an item from an enemy
Egg shot 14 15 Throw an egg at an enemy. Attack never misses
Hip Drop 18 22 Ground pound the ground to damage all enemies on the ground
Swallow 25 32 Swallow enemy to instantly defeat it. It doesn’t work on bosses

Daisy = Daisy helps Mario in his quest
Weapon= rackets, fans, golf clubs Starting level 9
Stats Power 18 Defense 15 Special 24 Special Defense 25 Speed 25
Abilities FP Level learned
Heal 5 N/A Recover of a party member
Cure 7 N/A Negate bad status of a party member
Petal wind 14 15 Attacks all enemies with flowers
Revive 20 22 Revive knocked out party members
Flower shower 20 30 Heal party and negate status effects
Marlena = Grand daughter of Merlon (paper Mario) she uses her magic to help Mario
Weapon= rods Starting level 15
Abilities FP Level learned
Thunder 10 N/A Attacks an enemy with lighting bolts
Blizzard 10 N/A Attacks an enemy by freezing it
Power up 20 23 Raises a party members attack power
Defense up 20 23 Raises a party members defense power
Black hole 30 35 Greatly damage all enemies
Mario and Peach were at peach’s castle when a Star kid appeared!
“Mario we need your help something bad is happening at Star haven!”
So Mario and peach and the Chancellor went to Star haven and found monsters everywhere! The Star kid took them to a strange shrine. The shrine was called the shadow shrine it seemed to be were the monsters were coming from apparently there was an evil creature in the shrine!!! They walked up to the shrine and walked up to the pedestal in the front of the shrine. There were 7 keyholes around the pedestal. Suddenly a giant shadow came from the entrance and surrounded princess peach!!!! Then the shadow and princess peach disappeared! The Star kid tells Mario that he’ll need the 7 star keys to open the shrine and save princess peach. Unfortunately they were scattered across the mushroom kingdom. To make things worse Bowser is looking for the keys too so he can control the evil inside the shrine! Mario’s quest begins.
Brief walkthrough
WORLD 1 YOSHIS ISLAND: Mario found out the first key is on Yoshi’s island! Toad wanted to help save princes peach too so he tagged along. When they arrived on Yoshi’s island the yoshis were in trouble. Bowser sent baby Bowser to steal the star key hidden on the island! Baby Bowser’s minions were attacking the yoshis. So Mario and Toad ventured up the hills and mountains of Yoshi’s island and were attacked by Boshi. They defeated Boshi and he joined them. At the top of the mountain they entered baby Bowser’s fortress and completed the puzzles and beat baby Bowser and got the star key!!!!
WORLD 2 DREAM FOREST: Mario and friends were shocked to find out that Bowser’s goons captured daisy and held her hostage in the dream forest and would only release her if Mario gave them the star key they took . Determined to save daisy and hopefully find a star key Mario and ally’s went to the dream forest. There were many illusions but Mario, Toad and Boshi were able to travel through the forest easily. They followed Bowser’s goons to the tree of illusions and found daisy inside the tree but were attacked by Petey Piranha. They defeated him and Daisy gave Mario a star key she found.
WORLD 3 FROZEN FIELDS: Daisy decided to help Mario so she joined him and told him a rumor of a star key in the frozen fields an icy place to the north! So Mario and co. ventured to the snowy land and were told of a legend about a secret ice cave so Mario, Toad, Boshi and Daisy looked for it. Finally they found it and traveled through it. They found a Star key but also found a giant Ice monster named Frostbite! Together they defeated the Ice monster and got another star key!!!
WORLD 4 DELFINO ISLAND: The chancellor tells Mario that a star key is hidden on delfino island so the group takes an airplane there and finds out that some of the shine sprites went missing so Mario and friends decided to find them. After finding all the missing shine sprites the shine gate started to glow and a ray of light blasted a hole in Corona Mountain! So Mario and friends entered the mountain and found a star key! Unfortunately Bowser sent Mecha Bowser to steal the star key from them but they defeated it in the end.
WORLD 5 LUIGIS MANSION : Mario got a letter from Luigi his brother that Luigi found a star key at his mansion! So Mario, Toad, Boshi and Daisy headed to the mansion. They had to go through the haunted forest first but it wasn’t too difficult to get through. When they entered Luigi’s Mansion ghosts surrounded them and they blacked out! They awoke in a giant cage in the basement and to make things worse there star keys were gone!!!! There was a little girl in the cage also. Her name was Merlena she was the grand daughter of Merlon! She was walking through the woods when she was captured by boo’s. She decide too help Mario by using her magic to destroy the cage. So the group accompanied by Merlena headed through the mansion in search of Luigi. They found Luigi but he attacked them. Marlena used her magic to make Luigi show his real form. It was none other than King Boo!!!! They defeated King Boo and Luigi finally came and sucked up King Boo with his poltergeist 3000. So they got there star keys back plus the star key Luigi found and Marlena joined the group!!!!
WORLD 6 DRY DRY DESERT : The Chancellor told Mario a legend about 4 sacred relics and a key of the stars that originated in the Dry Dry Desert! Hoping there would be a star key there the 5 traveled to Dry Dry Desert using the train. In the desert thy got lost and were sucked into a sandstorm! They awoke in a strange area filled with ancient ruins! They also met a mysterious koopa who told them to find the 4 relics scattered across the desert. Using clues given to them by the koopa they found the four relics. When they returned to talk to the koopa the koopa led them to a pyramid in the desert! The four relics glowed and an entrance appeared in the pyramid. The koopa told them to beware the stone of destruction and he disappeared! The braved the many dangers of the pyramid and found the star key but also found a giant stone monster named obelisk!!!! It could change it shape at will! They beat it and got the 6th star key!!! There was only 1 left!
WORLD 7 BOWSERS CASTLE: The final star key was in the hands of Bowser!! The group traveled to Bowser’s castle and prepared to fight through many of Bowser’s troops. Inside there were many monsters and booby traps. Apparently Bowser knew they were coming. But his goons were no match for Mario! Bowser was shocked that Mario survived! Bowser attacked the group but he was beaten easily. They stole his star key and wondered what evils awaited them in the shrine of shadows?
FINAL WORLD SHRINE OF SHADOWS: With all 7 star keys they went to star haven. It was a mess!! There were monsters every were and a dark fog covered the sky!! They walked up to the shrine of shadows and the 7 star key glowed and entered the correct keyholes. The entrance glowed and opened allowing the group to go inside. The shadow shrine was eerie and filled with demons! Below the walkways was a dark endless abyss. The shrine was very dangerous. After facing many bosses and enemies they entered a dark chamber. Princess Peach was inside a dark crystal. Before they could save her Bowser came and went to attack when a shadow possessed him! He transformed into Giga Bowser!!! They beat him and the shadow possessing him disappeared. They saved Princess Peach and exited the shrine. Unfortunately their problems got worse!!!! A giant shadow flooded out of the shrine and enveloped star haven with a dark cloud!! The ancient evil escaped! Mario, Toad, Boshi, Daisy and Merlena entered the cloud to fight the ultimate evil……….. DARK STAR! Combining their strength they destroyed it and sealed it away forever! Star haven and the Mushroom Kingdom were safe again!! Thus ending Mario’s quest
There did you like? There could be more but I’ve blabbed enough.
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