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Super Mario Madness

System: Nintendo Game Cube

Players: 1-4 players

Rating: E – violence

Story: Mario, Luigi, Peach and a Toad are having a picnic in Dinosaur Land. Mario’s hat blows away, and he runs off to get it. In the meantime, a shadowy (I didn’t know how else to describe him) figure grabs Peach, Luigi, and Toad. Mario comes back and finds a note left behind. It says:

Dear Mario,

I have kidnapped Luigi, Peach, and Toad.

If you want them back, you must come follow me to

Inferno Palace. HAHAHA!!


Then, Mario instantly runs away, determined to find his friends.


Control Stick-Move

Directional Pad Left-Sidestep Left

Directional Pad Right-Sidestep Right

Directional Pad Up-Flip Forward

Directional Pad Down-Flip Backwards


B-Use Selected Item

Cstick-Look Around




R-Open EGADD communicator

Z-Show/Hide Stats

~~ Inferno Palace

In a cut scene, he runs through a huge door. You see that shadowy character again. He runs off in a hurry. Having nothing on your screen (I mean life and magic and stuff like that), Mario runs on the path and up the stairs to another room.

~~Cut scene~~

Luigi, Peach, and Toad are struggling to get out of their ropes. The shadowy creature walks up to you and touches your shoulder. A blue aura surrounds Mario and the shadowy creature. At the end of the aura, Mario feels weakened and falls on the floor, unconscious. The shadowy creature attaches a certain jetpack to your back, targeted for Prof. EGADD’s Lab. You fly there, and land in his lab.

~~ Prof. EGADD’s Lab

EGADD: Oh, My! Are you all right? (5 seconds pass) What?! Peach, Luigi, and Toad were kidnapped?! Mario! We must help them immediately! But you’re in no condition to fight alone now. Let’s go to the training grounds to practice.

~~ Training Grounds

EGADD: Now, first thing you should notice is the red life meter besides your lives. Once it runs out, you will start at the beginning of the same room you were in. To restore health, you need a Mario’s Cap.

Run ahead to a “Luigi’s Cap”.

EGADD: This is the Luigi’s Cap. It will restore magic power according to size of the hat. The Magic Meter is under your Health Meter. You will get items that will use magic power frequently. As you get them, I’ll upload data about it on your new GBA SP EGADD communicator.

Run up to a Goomba ahead.

EGADD: This is one of the enemies you will encounter. Some you need to destroy, and some you’ll need to solve puzzles. Defeat this one and move on.

Jump/Punch the Goomba to defeat it to get a coin.
EGADD: Oh, I almost forgot. Your coins will be stored in a safe in your house. You can pause the game and withdraw or deposit coins. You can only carry 200 coins at a time. Move on.

Run up to the “Rolling Pebble”.

EGADD: This is your first item. It will allow you to roll around places for a limited time. The Rolling Pebble is an auto equip item and can be used with the L button. You can also win some races with this item. Think about it.

Run up to a blue portal.
EGADD: This is your exit. Some exits will come with an item along with it. Enter it to clear the level.

Mario enters the portal and a big CLEARED!! Sign pops up in the background.

~~World Map

Mario appears on a big map. You automatically go to the next level, Goomba Forest.

L1: Goomba Forest

A1: Piranha Plant-ation

A place filled with Piranha Plants. Can be defeated with Crab Axe (End Reward (ER): 40 coins)

A2: Cape Koopa

Koopas and Paratroopas flood the land. Defeat them with Crab Axe (ER: Crab Axe)

A3: Forest of Illusion

Beware of the illusions of items. They can be various enemies! (ER: Restored Health and Magic)

A4: Wiggler Waters

Avoid the Wigglers if you have no magic. They will chase you until you lose! (ER: Wire Lasso)

Boss: Ultra Smilax *

Strategy: Remember Megasmilax from Super Mario RPG? This is an Ultra-sized version of it! To defeat it, first avoid the 3 fireballs it shoots at you, and then use the Wire Lasso to tie its mouth together. Quickly roll into it to cause damage. Do these 3 times to defeat it. Warning: Ultra Smilax will roll around the platform, trying to crush you. This will take off 3/8 of your life meter. Just roll several times to avoid it.
L2: Casino Avenue

A1: Lakitu Lottery

As much as the 1-up mushrooms look tempting, don’t grab them, or else you’ll face a lot of Spinies. Defeat them with Crab Axe. (ER: 40 coins)

A2: Banzai Billiards

The point is to get the 8-ball into the hole somehow. Maybe the Banzai Bills have something to do with it. (ER: Spring Shoes)

A3: Spiny Spinners

The dangerous Machines try to tempt Mario to come to them and take damage. Push A+B rapidly to avoid this. (ER: Restored Health and Magic)

A4: Wendy’s Winnings
You better pay attention to the cut scenes about Wendy winning chips. Those chips will fall on the course and you’ll need to pay attention to them. (ER: Metal Orb = “Metal Mario”)

Boss: Golden Trophy ****

Strategy: If this was a real game, you would find this boss annoying. Golden Trophy puts up a cage around the platform and spins it around really, really fast. Use the Spring Shoes to jump up and avoid this. If you don’t, you’ll be dizzy for a few seconds and will be attacked. When he gets tired, Use the Metal Orb to turn into Metal Mario and roll into him. You only have to do this once, because this takes up magic power. Then, Golden Trophy will do this ANNOYING move, when if he jumps up, he’ll slam down hard, and you will take 6 points of damage!! The only way to counter this is to use the Spring Shoes. When he’s tired, get the Luigi Cap and Use the Metal Orb. Do the same thing as last time. Then, he’ll disappear for about 10 seconds. Then he slams down on YOU hard, making you lose one life. Wait until you hear the whistling sound and then keep rolling around until he lands. Hit him once more to defeat it.

L3: Aquaworld

A1: Bloober Bog
The infamous Bloobers are back. One of the few enemies to follow you around is the Bloober. Just typical. (ER: 40 coins)

A2: Rip Van Fish tank
Yet again, another type of enemy to swim around you is the Rip Van Fish. Just get to the exit without waking them. (ER: Speed Shoes)

A3: Seahorse Swamp
In this, you have to ride Seahorses to various parts of the level. But be careful of the black seahorse! (ER: Life and Magic Restored)

A4: Jellyfish Joys
Everything about the jellyfish is harmless, unless they’re flashing. Avoid those, ok? (ER: Cordless Hose)

Boss: C.M. ***

EGADD rings in and says that C.M. is actually Cyber Mario!! Anyways, Cyber Mario will try to take your item away from you, so put an item you don’t need right now, like the Crab Axe. When he has your item, switch to the cordless hose and spray him to cause damage. He’ll start to take 2 items, then 3, and all the way to 5. Just make sure he doesn’t take the cordless hose. Do this 6 times and you beat Cyber Mario! If he does take the cordless hose, he’ll throw your items at you and cause damage.

L4: Wish Star

A1: Koopas and Goombas
The name says it all. You get a wave of 10 Koopas, then 10 Goombas.

A2: Piranha Plants and Wigglers

It’s just a wave of 10 Piranha Plants and 10 Wigglers.

A3: Bloobers and Rip Van Fish

More enemy waves, this time Bloobers and Rip Van Fish.

A4: Lakitus and Banzai Bills

You get one ups, but you might also get one downs from the Banzai Bills!

A5: Spinies and Jellyfish

15 Spinies and 3 jellyfish.

A6: Ultra Smilax and Golden Trophy
Fight one boss, then you have to fight another. (ER: Max health/Magic, Gigaton Gun)

Boss: Giga Bowser ****

Finally! You have gotten to Giga Bowser. But Giga Bowser is too huge for you alone. So, you will have to use the Gigaton Gun in front of him. Giga Bowser will try to scorch you if you try to touch the Gun. So walk around for a bit until he decides to jump up. He slams his horns into the ground, trying to get you. Roll out of the way and race to the Gigaton Gun and blast him with it. He’s knocked silly for now. Get your hose and blast him. Just repeat this 8 times and he’s done. Warning: Giga Bowser will attempt a slam move similar to Golden Trophy’s. Avoid it the same way.

Yea!!! You beat the game! Not!!

L6: Inferno Palace

Yep, you’re back here! Enjoy the transformation cut scene! Cyber Mario is with the prisoners and he is amazed that you made it past Giga Bowser. He is getting fed up with you and now transforms into a huge dragon. Now…

Boss: Mega Cyber Mario *******

This boss is BEYOND five-stars. You try beating a dragon that’s 96 times the size of you! The Gigaton Gun is still there and it is extremely hard to dodge its attacks. You need to dodge it just right. Mega Cyber Mario will blow fire into the water, boiling it so you can’t go in it. Then he’ll quickly move the fire and burn the land. You need to use the Spring Shoes to jump up and land safely into the water. Then he’ll fly around for a bit. Use the Gigaton Gun to hit him. You have to hit him 16 times to win. Next, he’ll fire some mystic energy balls at you. This is the only place you need to defend at. They usually take about 7 points of damage. Collect some Mario Caps and Luigi Caps if you need any. After that attack, hit him with the Gigaton Gun again. Near the end, he’ll send an Annihilation Beam to automatically kill you. You need to get to his head within 7 minutes before he does this. And it’s not an easy task. When the 7 minutes is up, he’ll throw you back and kill you. And he’s basically drills and saws going to his head! But once you do beat him, Congratulations!!!

Now, Mario , Peach, Luigi, and Toad are now having a good time at the castle. Peach congratulates Mario and rewards him with a kiss ;) . The end!

As for 2-4 player modes, you have to unlock them. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. You will play the same game, but you will have to help each other out depending on what characters and how many characters. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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