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Super Mario Mayhem

Platform: Snes (and it's one of the first 3-D games for it, too)

Genre: Puzzle

Story: Bowser has kidnapped Pricness Toadstool! Will Mario be able to stop him? (Yeah, it's the same story.)

Plot: Mario must battle his way to Bowser's palace by any path he chooses. But choosing the path is all part of the mayhem, because each path has all sorts of different puzzles to try and stop him. To gain access to the next level of play, he must make his way through each of the puzzles on the current tier. However, Bowser has sabotaged many of the puzzles on higher tiers to make them much more difficult. Also, the order Mario completes the puzzles in is important as well. For example, some puzzles supply energy to power others, so obviously Mario will have to complete them first.


In play mode:

Up: Move forward
Down: Move backward
Left and Right: Side-step
L: Turn Left
R: Turn Right
A: Moving up to a puzzle and pressing this button will enter Puzzle Mode.

In puzzle mode:
Up: Moves cursor up
Down: Moves cursor down
Left: Moves cursor left
Right: Moves cursor right
Y: Selects item. From here it can be moved with the cursor
X: Drops item
B: Enters Play Mode

Any buttons not stated above serve no functionality

Types of puzzles:

Pipeline: Move pipes to allow water into the bucket.
Objects: Pipes.

Light: Mirrors are used to reflect light onto a certain area.
Objects: Mirrors.

Contraption: Use seemingly useless parts to accomplish a task.
Objects: A lot of stuff.

Association Maze: Appears only on higher tiers. Each colored space is surrounded by all other colors. You must move from Start to Finish, but if you move from a blue square at the start to the bordering Yellow, on the other two mazes it will also go to the yellow, which might not mean the same direction.
Objects: Ball(only on first maze, second and third balls move according to your move)

Master Puzzle: The final puzzle at the end of the game. It is a combination of all other types of puzzles.

That's about it. Oh, and if you succeed in a puzzle you get to save. There are three save slots.

Sent in by curtmack

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