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Super Metal Cap Bros.

It is Mario and Luigi made of metal, Mario only punches and kicks, but Luigi can shoot Lasers,Missiles, cannon balls, and shoots fire out of his eyes. This time Luigi gets all the fame while Mario justs watches and gets so mad at the end when Luigi gets kissed by Princess Peach, he explodes!!!! Luigi is the main charater in this game. Mario is just like Luigi in all the other games. The enemies are the same charaters in Super Mario 64. The first boss is a small Wario, the second is Smithy, and the third boss is a rainbow evil Wario. This game will be for Nintendo 64. It will be a great game for all your Luigi fans who hate Mario. If you beat the game as Mario, Luigi still gets the kiss. Mario will just be a stupid charater and Luigi will be the best charater. There is also a hidden charater thruout the game. It is Toad. He is a charater that is also better than Mario. The guy who will be saving the game will be a white shy guy. The ending will be a party when Luigi gets kissed. That game will be a GREAT G AME!!!!!!!!!!

Wesley O. Miller

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