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One day, in the mushroom kingdom, Bowser crashed the peace with a herd of a new breed of army, the Katus, more evil and stronger versions of the originals, with extra moves all Katus are identified by the K on thier body. Along with a few of the old enemies, but it got worse, Bowser had brought along his cousin wowser koopa, Mario must set off on his greatest adventure yet, and free the mushroom kingdom of bowser!


Another side scrolling adventure with mario, except the levels are huge, and the map is a not a birds eye view map, its now like a level except this time you need keys to acess hidden levels or sometimes pure skill, Yoshi also helpsout by giving mario keys and items, he is also ridable again 5 levels and a boss is how it works.


Warrior buckle:
Makes mario jump higher and mario can use a sword.

Mario can fusion with luigi to become: Lario! Lario can jump high, run veryfast and fly!

Huge pizza:
Makes mario get gas and mario can use fart power to float up to out of reach places and fart in enemies faces to kill them.

Fire flower:
Um, you know, mario can shoot fire balls.

Magic blankie:
Similliar to the feather, mario can fly around freely, run fast and shoot lasers.


Mario land (Similliar to mario land levels)
Wario land (Similliar to wario land levels)
Ancient ruins (A huge temple haunted)
Warios woods (A huge forest like warios woods)
Yoshis island (A vast land like yoshis island)
Katu factory (Mario meets the factory life, its crawling with katus!)
Bowser and wowsers castle (Bowsers castle with a few additions)

Mario land: Luigi
Wario land: wario
Ancient temple: Big bad boo
Warios woods: Mr.Tree
Yoshis island: Yoshi
Katu factory: Fat katu
Bowser and wosers castle: Bowser and wowser

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