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Super Koopa Bros

There should be a game called "Super Koopa Bros." It would feature the 3 main baddies (Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Bowser) who are trying to save K.T (a koopa troopa girl (Get it? KT? KATIE?!) ) Who has been kidnapped by the Mario Bros. Later they find out that Mario has his own "NOA" called "MBA (Mario Brothers of America)". All kinds of Toads and mushroom people would be running around. But Bowser is captured and all the baddies turn good... EXEPT BOWSER, KT, KOOPA TROOPA, AND GOOMBA! Can KT be saved? CAN the evil turn back evil? WILL the MBA topple on Mario? Have Nintendo like this idea and you'll find out.

Koopa Troopa's stats:
Age: 12
Eyes: Brown Favorite Food: Mario Mush
Favorite thing: Koopa Troopa Collectable
Pros: can throw his shell, Runs fast (No wonder he's nicknamed Koopa the Quick!)
Cons: Except for shell, awful fighter (which is why Goomba is in the game!)
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