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Name: Simcastle
Save: Yes,5 slots
Players: Two Simultaneosly
Rumble Pack: Tried to but it rumbled away.
Start up:
Put Catridge into slot and plug in two mouses or controllers and turn on,make sure it is in firmly.


Your princess toadstool and is given a small peice of land.You need to put in Toad cops and Toad fire fighters and toad doctors.If your pop. grows,you get new things under the crown.
Pop. ----------------Crown Item
10,000----------------Mario Fighter Tunnel
10,500----------------Gold Throne
?????? ----------------Gold Castle
If you are given a Castle,a double arrow icon will come.Hit it to go into the castle and create it.With bedrooms,mirror rooms and even a Mario room.It`s like Simcity 2000 and Simtower combined. Uh oh,if you haven`t turned disasters off,they will come.Disasters Fire,Floods,Uh Bowser, Koopa Troopa Swarm,Ghosts,Peek-a-Boos and worst of them all,MONSTER BOWSER. Yep Bowser is a little bit bigger then the houses but Monster bowser is bigger then a 3 story castle. If pop. reaches 1,000,000,you`ll be asked for a Buitary and just one of these can plow down monster bowser.

Battle Mode
Same thing,only that you have your opponets city and is supposed to put disasters in there city before they destroy yours.If you destroying a 1,000,000 pop. then you can lay out the monster bowser. Destroy all of there city before they destroy yours.
City Save
Okay,Player 2 puts in the mosters while player 1 stops them.A monster will be in the screen when you start.If player 1 can stop and destroy each of the monsters before all city is destroyed then he wins and all pop. is counted up then they switch,when done points will be added for how muchyou destroyed of there city and how you saved of yours,the player with the most points wins.

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