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Super Mario Revisited

Console: GBA

You play as Mario as always, and you collect coins. Everything plays as usual, with Mushrooms and Fire-Flowers. But there are 32 new levels. Each world has a theme taken from other games. There are 4 levels in each world with an end boss.

Feather- The feather from Super Mario World, you can soar trough the air
Hammer Suit- The suit from Mario Bros 3, you can throw hammers
Bob-Omb Suit- Throw Bob-Ombs at enemies
Koopa Suit- Throw Koopa shells
Zip Star- Run at double speed
Whip- Simon Belmonts whip, very effective
Missiles- Samus Arans missiles, can destroy solid blocks
Sword- Links sword
Kirby Suit- Suck in enemies and copy their abilities
Charge FLower- Charge the fireballs
1 The Legend of Zelda
Boss: Ganon
2 Kirbys Dreamland
Boss: Dedede
3 Megaman
Boss: Dr Wily
4 Castlevania
Boss: Dracula
5 Metroid
Boss: Mother Brain
6 Donkey Kong
Boss: King K.Rool
7 Wario Land
Boss: Wario
8 Super Mario Bros
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