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Super Mario Reunion

Story-one day at Mushroom Kingdom Mario has a family reunion.He even sends a invitation to Wario.When Wario gets it he comes up with an idea he gathers all of Mario's evil relatives together and tells them he plans to steal the families most prized possession the Mario crystal.So during the family reunion Mario's evil relatives crash the party and steal the Mario crystal.When they got it it divided into pieces each evil relative got one piece of crystal.They decided to go to their hideouts and guard their piece.Mario and the other relatives decided to go after them.




Bubba-weight-415,height-5'5,hat color- blue,age-45

Jack-weight- 240,height-5'8,hat color- silver,age-22

Tip-weight-60,height-2,8,hat color- orange,age-5


1)Mysterious Bay-Boss-Cap'n Zario

2)Dragon Cave-Boss-Tomahawk

3)Gator Swamp-Boss-Gator Bait

4)Freeze Pond-Boss-Frost Bite

5)Techno castle-Boss-Zap

6)Rattlesnake Lake-Boss-Striker

7)Shamrock Mountain-Boss-Quake

8)Thunder Graveyard-Boss-R.I.P

9)Wario Woods-Boss-Hurricane

10)Wario's Castle-Boss-Wario



flower power


copter hat

Ice Flower


1up Mushroom

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