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Paper Mario 3

For DS
Genre: RPG/Platformer

Croco and his new partner, Boshi, were thinking of valuable things that they could steal. Them they remembered the Mushroom Gems that were keeping Smithy locked up in Bowser's Keep. They went there and took them. Before they could leave, Smithy came out of the portal that appeared and made them his minions. Smithy sent Boshi and Croco after Grodus's head. They took it and brought it to Smithy. Smithy told Grodus that he would have his troops help him take over the world or die. Grodus let him use his troops. Smithy then attached Grodus's head to a robot body. Smithy developed a base in a land connected to northern Mushroom Kingdom called Solka and hid the 8 keys needed to access it around Solka so nobody would be able to get in. The keys were shaped like stars. Peach found out about it and sent Mario after them.

D Pad: Move
A: Jump
B: Hammer
X: Partner's ability
Y: Enter Mario ability time
R: Turn sideways (special ability, press the D pad in all directions quickly to turn into a tube)
L: Show stats
Start: Enter menu screen
Select: N/A
Touch screen: Fold Mario into a boat or plane while in Mario ability time while on a boat or plane panel

D Pad: Scroll through attacks
A: Select attack & use action commands & guard
B: Go back & superguard
X: Attack audience members who will throw stuff at you & do a stylish attack
Y: Change who attacks first
R: N/A
L: N/A
Start: N/A
Select: N/A
Touch screen: Select which enemy to attack

Same as in Paper Mario 2.

Goombuff - A goomba with a tattoo and a red beany who think's he's really tough and smart. Special ability: Gives you information about where you are and who you are infront of.
Cheap Cheep - A brown cheep cheep with a green money sign on him who's very cheap. Special ability: Blows air like Flurrie.
Kodey - A blue-shelled koopa with some scars who gets into fights with his friends. Special ability: Same as Koops.
Boonita - A light pink female boo who most boys are attracted too. Special ability: Turn her & Mario invisible (or at least transparent), allowing them to not be seen and to go through certain walls.
Boshi - You know who he is. He joins you after you defeat him the second time. Special ability: Lets your ride him. He moves 2 times faster than Mario and can flutter jump horizontally.
Sniffy - A blue female snifit with a white mask who is hyperactive. Special ability: Shoots bullets that can hit unreachable switches.
Boombob - A white bob-omb with a black spin thing on his back. Special ability: Same as Bobbery.
Dinia - A small female Dino Rhino with a red bow and think's she's so cute. Special ability: Breathes fire which can destroy some wooden walls.

Solka City - A smallish city area in Solka.
Boss(es): N/A
Solka Underground - An underground part of Solka City. Goombuff is here.
Boss(es): Underground Guard
Cheep Island - An island native to Cheep Cheeps. Cheap Cheep is here.
Boss(es): N/A
Cheep Jungle - A jungle on Cheep Island.
Boss(es): Star Pirahna
Koopaville - A town native to Koopas. Kodey is here.
Boss(es): Croco & Boshi
Koopa Caves - Caves full of evil Koopas and other dangers.
Boss(es): Thwompinator
Ghost Town - A town native to Boos. Boonita is here.
Boss(es): N/A
Boo Mansion - A deserted mansion full of evil boos.
Boss(es): Big Boo
Mt. Volco Settlement - A small town of different species. Boshi is here.
Boss(es) - Boshi
Mt. Volco - A large volcano cave area.
Boss(es): Blargg King
Deserted Castle - A large abandoned castle. Sniffy is here.
Boss(es): Lord Crump
Bomb Shelter - A town of bob-ombs. Boombob is here.
Boss(es): N/A
Bomb Sewers - Sewers of Bomb Shelter.
Boss(es): Croco
Dinosaur Town - A town full of creatures from Dinosaur Land. Dinia is here.
Boss(es): N/A
Dino Caves - Dark, dank caves near Dinosaur Town.
Boss(es): Boom-Boom
Mt. Techno - A mountain area with some rogue robots.
Boss(es): Grodus
Smithy's Lab - Smithy's labs.
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