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Super Mario RPG 3: Hamtaro meets Mario

System: Game boy advance( not N64, dude)

Price: 45.65-50.25

Story: 5 years ago, Mario followed down a old trail to the big later, in the middle of the bumpy, long forgotten trail, one magikoopa(not kamek) turned Mario into a hamster, meeting a new world ahead. as then later on, Mario meets his brother,Luigi, also turned into a hamster, but was a tiny bit taller. Luigi said, "MAMA MIA! Yika! how can I-a Be so-of a-small?". Later they find a cave,made of rock, as a hamster comes out, named hamtaro. what is next? you will figure out.

Game play: pick one of the many zany charecters. these charecters are: Mario, Luigi,princess*,Wario(unlike other games),Hamtaro, Oxnard, mini-toad, yoshi,Ect.

Graphics: a 2D land of a full 32bit color adventure!

Sound: Best there is!

Control: You will see.

New Items:


Old items:

all items from SMB, SMB3, SMW
some items from DDP, YI
Poison mushroom

Gerbils, human feet, Giant koopas,
all enemys from SMB, SMB2J, DDP, SMB3, Some enemies from YI and SMW, and the magikoopa that made you into a nibbler. Watch out when you get there! Throw the sunseeds you get from viv at him. Throw it at him three times and you win back freedom!

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