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Mario's Menace

Story As you know, Luigi is Mario's little brother and in this game you have to take baby Luigi on an adventure with you. Because Mario's mother is on a vacation. He stayed home because got grounded. He got grounded for trying to go down the toilet (like a warppipe). And for a punishment he had to babysit Luigi. Why was Mario going on an adventure? Here it is. Bowser was sitting on his chair when he was encountered by a huge dragon. His name was Sir von draco. They just call him Draco for short. He was the boss of bowser. Draco said for him to give up his castle and make him king. He pleaded for him to stay king and keep his castle.He said,'I will not give up my castle for any body....pereod!'. And with that remark he flung him up to dinosaur world and took over the castle.And named himself King Draco.The news spread all around Italy and straight to Mario's house.As soon as he heard the news he grabed Luigi and went on his way.

Moves: triple jump, backjump, mega punch and super jump.

Baddies: dracbomb,dracies,tryopod,and Boscus the gaurd.

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