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Title: Mario's Double Trouble
Story: One day in Princess Toadstools Castle Mario came to help clean the castle then sunddenly the castle got dark Mario dropped everything. Then there was a flash! and Peach was gone. Then Mario heard Bowser's voice say "I took Peach and there's nothing you can do! Bwa ha ha ha!" Mario headed out of the castle to find Peach. Then mario hears that bowser captured Luigi and turned him into a mad insane person. Will Mario find Peach? And save Luigi? Its up to you!
Controls: Modes: Main mode: One player adventure
Practice: Practice area
Option: Set the Settings
Good Guys
Yoshi: You'll meet him in certain courses.
Toad: he'll save your game.
Mottac: A super healer. He will give you back all your health.
Bad Guys (not them all )
Goomba: The usual goomba
Ultra Goomba: This goomba will race toward you very fast and will take much health away. Also you can't outrun him.
Mad Monster: A monster the size of mario who will grab you and take your health keep tapping A to get out.
Kamek: He will be in course's and try to hurt you but if you get near him he flys away you can't hurt him. (not yet)
Lava Bomb: In a lava course these things will fly out the lava and blow up.
Metal Man: A robot mario with special powers.
S-B-O Spark: A killer robot that will make you rock!
Kamek: Your fight with Kamek is real hard.
Bowser: This time your final fight with bowser will make you want to scream!
Alexander Austria

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