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Mario and Wario

Bowser is back and this time its personal, before trying his new plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom he wants to eliminate Mario so he won't interfere. He wants to lure him in so he'll need some bait, when mario is out bowser sneeks into Marios house and takes his brother Luigi. Bowser gets in his Clown Copter and flies to his newly built fortress. Mario gets home and relizes his brother is gone, he has to set out on an adventure across the Mushroom Kingdom to save Luigi (hopefully theres no traps). But wait he can't do it alone,without his brother whos going to be second player? Putting his pride aside Mario asks Wario for help. Wario agrees as long as he gets to keep all the coins that are collected.

In this game Mario is first player and Wario is second.Along the adventure Mario can collect mushrooms fireflowers and even Yoshi,Wario on the other hand can collect a few different items, a helecopter hat and a pair of jump boots to make him jump higher ( with jump boots Wario will jump about the same hight as Mario).But Yoshi won't let Wario ride him.In the game the player will be able to choose between Mario or wario before every level. The game could be 3D and on the gamecube. It would have about 100 levels in wich the main goal is to get to the end. There would be a detailed level map like on Mario World with hidden levels and evrything.

There will be eight worlds with about 15 levels in each, at the end of each world you,ll have to fight a koopa kid. (sound firmiller?)

You and Wario need to get out of Marios now monster infested estate.

Jump in stomp in 3D through levels in the clouds.

Navigate through tons of mazes in the jungle.Just like the forrest of illusion.

I put this in here just so we could here that classic cane music from super marop brothers. It could be the return of swooper buzzy beetles and so on.

be carefull not to fall in the lava or its an instant death, good thing you still have 3 lives left.

Everybody hates water lavels,wich is why theres a whole world of them.

A snow level kinda like cool mountain from mario64.

This time its a whole world of Bowers castle. You have to go through his whole castle while avoiding bud traps . Before the final level where you have to face Bowser you get to go against bowser Jr. who imitates Bowsers technique from super mario world.When you get to Bowser you have to defeat him with hand to hand combat Super Smash brother Melee style.

At the end Mario defeats Bowser again and saves Luigi. Luigi , Mario, Wario and Yoshi celebrate with a huge feast with the Princess and Toad.

During the game you can do hidden tasks to unlock multiplayer mini game that can be played at anytime.The mini game can vary from item collecting to foot races, or puzzles.

Basically,this is a 3D version of Mario World, but with Wario playing side by side with Mario. And for once its not the Princess who needs saving, but its Luigi.If Nintendo made this game i would be the first to buy it ( even though I dont have a Gamecube). So i hope you liked and happy dreaming. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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