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Super Mario Reflections

Players: 1-2
System: GameCube
Rating: E
Suggested Price: $29.95

1-P (Mario)
Storyline: In SMR, you must beat all sorts of Bowser's Castles from all of the old games. There are also different objectives (most are simply rescue Peach, but others include getting the Star Wand from Paper Mario) that are displayed to you at the beginning of the game. Other objectives include:
-Beat Bowser in two races in two different castles (Mario Kart, Mario Kart:Double Dash!)
-Destroy the Time Machine (Mario's Time Machine)
and -Beat Smithy, then Bowser in two consecutive battles (Super Mario RPG)

2-P (choose from Mario or Luigi)
Storyline: Beat the Bowser Objectives before your opponent, Player 2. (see above)

Mirror Mode: (unlockable by beating the Super Mario RPG objective) In this, you play as Bowser and you must stop the good guys from defeating you.

Easy: Stop Mario
Medium: Stop Mario and Luigi
Hard: Stop Mario, Luigi and Peach
Brain Twister*: Stop Mario, Luigi, Peach, AND Toad

*Unlockable after beating game.


move_on: Move to the next level automatically.
loser: See Instant Replays of failed attempts.
winner: See Instant Replays of succesful attempts.
cant_touch_me: Become Ghost Mario
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