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Super Mario's Mother

Rated: 9/10

Story: Little Mario and Luigi were out playing nicely, when that bully Baby Bowser came over, pushed the bros. on the ground, and ran away with their toys. The bros. ran screaming to their mother, and told here everything that happened. Now her soul objective is to go to Bowser's castle, get back the toys, and spank that notty baby until he promises to behave. Bowser knows this and doesn't want to be punished, so he sends out his baby arsenal to stop the mad woman.

Super Powers

Rolling Pin: the super mother's rolling pin allows her to hit Bower's notty minions. It only works at close range, though.

Wooden Kitchen Spoon: the vain of every young child's existence, this throwable weapon will put a bad little enemy against his worst fear.

Giant Broccoli: even though it only works once, this powered-up nutritional snack really packs a punch, destroying every enemy on the screen.

Super Carrot: this special item gives you invincibility. You can also through a variety of kitchen items, such as toasters, coffee cups and pots, milk jugs, and pans.

Animal Helpers

Squaker: Mrs.. Mario's over-sized and over-pampered cockatoo (who makes Mario jealous) can help you across crevices, through sky levels, and to the top of castles, all while throwing feathers at persistent enemies. What a bird!

Tuck-in: Bowser's runaway pet turtle (Bowser played bash-the-rock on his shell one too many times) has decided to help Mrs.. Mario so he can laugh while Bowser gets what he has coming. Mrs.. Mario rides in his shell, and he can protect her against falling rocks and other things in some levels. He can also spit fruits at oncoming enemies. But he'll only go so far before he stops, lets you out, and hides in his shell.

Licker: Yoshi couldn't come to help, so Mrs.. Mario settled for the next best thing. Licker will eat anything that isn't fire, and will help Mrs.. Mario in underwater levels.

Ending: I'm not telling. Bug Nintendo about making this game, and then maybe the suspense will end. You'd be doing me a great favor!

Erik Winzeler

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