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Mario's Great Life

Story: Zooms to Peach's castle with music. Shows Mario and Luigi walking. zooms ahead to bowser castle.
"I must think of a plan to beat those plumbers! But what...what would be great" said Bowser. "Um, dad, I had a dream you went into the past..." Lemmy said. "NOT NOW! Hmm.......WAIT.....what did you say?" bowser asked.
"I had a dream you went to the past, but what I meant to say was that it was the Mario bros. past." said lemmy.

what you have to do: You have to play Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi and stop Bowser from ruining the past when mario was 1, 4, 10, 15, 16, and whatever his real age is.

how many levels on a organized list:
whatever his real age is: 2
1: 1
4: 1
10: 2
14: 2
16: 2

Controls that they have in common:
A to jump and L to call in another character
and C stick to look around (gamecube)
and b to punch for Mario bros. do that elbow thin for Wario,
and Yoshi eats his oppoment.

other Mario controls:
z to spin jump
a + a to double jump (in air)
A+ b(auctully, this is a common except for yoshi) to punch in air.
X for map
Y for obj(objectives)
to move? IN ALL GAMECUBE MARIO GAMES? Your a idiot for that question...or a....NOOB! :)

Luigi:a + a is a spin jump but in air and like a helicopter(going down)
a + mario's.....
x and Y the same thing...oops, I forgot R for Mario...
well R for Luigi is that charging move from super smash bros. melee.

Mario's R is a super punch

Wario's controls are:
A + B to run for 5 sec. with a head butt
X and Y the same
R a fire ball
A+ A is a ground pound

and yoshi's moves are:
A+ A is one jump then he goes a little higher.
A+B is jump then turns to a egg like smash bros. melee
X and Y you know
R is to aim a egg then again to throw it

hmm....what else... oh, the bosses...oops...:
Well first fight Bowser, who when you defeat goes in a portal you go in that you are now go in and some how turn into a 1 year old!

then, since your baby mario, you find Baby Mario and he stupidly fights you

then for 4 at Brooklyn school(or something) you fight a bully with another mario!(unless your another character, its with a mario)

at 10 you find yourself with a blue kid, a kid with wierd hair, and a fat kid who are his freinds, oh, and a ypounger Wario.
oh, and you have to fight that Wario kid if Wario, Mario if well Mario, Blue kid if luigi and the fat kid and weird hair kid with Yoshi.(move to USA when 10..atleast I wish)

then there is the bully again after you look around.

then your 14, a teenager and you dont fight the bully( hes had enough or something) and have to fight a teacher for...well pretend its your teacher and kick his ***!!!

Then you look around more, and The P.E. teacher is angry for some reasin and his like the hul...:) (stong guy PE teacher)

and 16, you first see Pauline, but there is a animal thats kidnapped her (NOT DONKEY/CRANKY KONG) and its a eagle somehow....( what else? lion? tiger? bear? they cant hold her like cranky! but a eagle can...kinda....)

Now your Back! But with Koopa! You have to beat Bowser's
*** and win!

Bowser's castle (beginning)
Brooklyn School
The wierd nieghbor hood part 1
The wierd nieghbor hood part 2
Brooklyn high part 1
Brooklyn high part 2
Bowser's castle (end)

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