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Mario Glitz Pit

The main character is the Yoshi from Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door (you can customize his color and name). It starts whrn he is invited to the Abyss Tournament, where the best fighters from all three Glitz Pits (the A,B, and C divisions) go to see who is the best. He invites all of his friends, like Mario and Peach. For every foe he defeats, they become a character in multiplayer! There are normal fights, hoverboard dogfights, and fights on weird stages, like one were there is no floor, just platforms, ropes, and poles. Outside the areana, he can go to dojos to learn new moves, one of his goals becomes finding the Yoshi Dojo and learning the rainbeam, a move only Yoshis can learn. There are a total of 150 fights and 125 fighters. You can play as Mario in multiplayer.

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