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Mario Chess

Rated: 10/10

Note before idea: I can't remember if something like this had been suggested before, or if I just came up with it. Anyway, if this has been suggested before, my apologies, but the ideas are original.

Game Idea: Mario Chess
Genre: Chess (board game)
Console: GameCube
Rated: E
Players: 1
Accessories: Memory Card (2 blocks)

Story: Toad sits in a room in the castle with Daisy and Waluigi. They all wonder what it would be like to be great heroes and fight in battles like their friends. They decide to play a game since they're bored. (Isn't the suspense killing you?)

Modes of Play:
1 Player Mode - Play against progressively harder AI, different characters have their own sets of pieces.

2 Player Mode - Play a chess match with a few customizable rules against a friend

Team Match - Playing board is increased, this is a team match between teams of two players (cpu can fill in missing players). You control your own pieces but you have to coordinate moves with your teammate

Challenge mode - different challenges such as timed challenges, best traps, two-piece match, etc

Tutorial - walks you through the rules of chess

Description of Gameplay:
Basically, the game is chess, although vs matches have some customizable rules. There are a few different sets of pieces with character models, plus a classic set. The characters hold small flags with the color of their team. Chess boards also have different looks to them. When pieces meet, the camera zooms in and a battle scene of a few seconds takes place.

K=king Q=queen B=bishop Kn=knight R=rook(castle) P=pawn

Royal Army
K- The Chancellor
Q- Peach Toadstool
B- Toad the royal retainer
Kn- A blue-headed toad on a horse
R- Peach's Castle (attacks show opponent brought inside)
P- A yellow-headed toad with a spear

K- Mario
Q- Luigi
B- Wario
Kn- Waluigi
P- Yoshi

K- Green Yoshi
Q- Pink Yoshi w/ egg crown
B- Boshi (blue yoshi w/ sunglasses)
Kn- Red Yoshi w/ wings
R- Black Yoshi
P- Baby White Yoshi

K- King Boo
Q- Big Boo
B- Bones
Kn- Dino Ghost
R- Ghost House
P- Boo Buddy

K- Wart
Q- Tatanga
B- Shy Guy
Kn- Birdo
R- Pirhana Plant in a Warp Pipe
P- BombOmb

K- Bowser
Q- Kammy
B- Baby Bowser
Kn- Lakitu
R- Koopa Troopa
P- Goomba

K- Magic Koopa
Q- Thwomp
B- Fireball
Kn- Triceratops (from fortresses, forget the name)
R- Thwimp
P Swinging Fireball Chain

That's it for my game idea! I think I'll submit another one soon!

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