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Toadette's Great Adventure


Story: Oh no the Great Koopa King (Bowser) Has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and has kidnapped Toad,Mario,Luigi,Peach,Dasiy,Wario,Waluigi and all the Toads!!Its up to Toadette to save the day so Toadette sets off to save the day!

A: Too jump in the air press it twice to jump in the air higher.
B: Too punch hold it down to get more power.
R: Too run faster.
L: Too kick hold it down to get power.
L+A: Too jump in the air and fly for a little bit.
R+A: Too run in the air for a little bit.
Start-Pause: Too pause the game.
Control stick: Too move
D pad: Too move.
X:Partners attack

Evil people (not bosses):
Shy Guys
Flying Goombas
Koopa Troopa


1.Mushroom Kingdom
A snowy Mt with evil snowmen.
3.Deep Deep Ocean
with the bloopers
4.Dino Island
A Jarastic Park with dinosaurs who are evil
5.Toy Factory
A toy factory with shy guys
6.Dark Space
In space with Bats and flames
7.Spooky Spooky Mansion
with evil boos.
8.Bowser's castle
with goombas and koopas

Toad:you get him by rescuing him after defeating Bowser the first time.
Attack:In a battle it is tackle or tattle not in a battle tells were you are and about were you are.

Goomsy:you get him after Saving Him From to snowmen in Mt.SnowFall
Attack:is jump and milk spry that turns the enemy forzen.Not in a battle use his milk spry to freeze the enemy and get away.

Melly:A Girl jellyfish found after defeating the Blooper
Attack:in a battle you can use her sting to damage the enemy or use sting ray to damage all enemies.While not battle use her to surf.

Dina:A Baby triceratops you get her after defeating a pterodactyl in dino island.
Attack:in a battle she rams enemies super ram rams all enemies.Not in a battle she can break walls.

BooBer:A boy boo he will welcome you and just become a partner.
Attacks:in a battle are a head but and invisible either you or him.Not in a battle is invisible on you so enemies cant see you.

Mushroom Kigdom:Bowser
Mt.SnowFall:Big Snowman
Deep Deep Ocean:Bowser in his summering
Dino Island:T-rex
Toy Factory:A Huge Robot
Dark Space:Big Alien
Spooky Spooky Mansion:King Boo
Bowser's Castle:Bowser About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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