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Super Mario Sunshine 2: The Dark Sprite Awakens

System/Platform:Nintendo Gamecube
Genre: Adventure

For mysterious reason Mario returns to Ilse Del Fino. Before he gets to the
island he goes through some black mist in the air. The engine fails in his
plane and he crash lands out in the middle of the ocean. Then he constructs
a boat out of his failed air plane parts and heads for the shore.

Mario the hero of the story. Play as him most of the time.
Luigi Mario's non-heroic brother. Now a playable character with same
Yoshi the fun-loving ever cute dinosaur. Able to execute most attacks from
super smash Bros.
Chicken the newest addition of Super Mario's gang. Found in the big world
of isle del Fine Chicken can use many different attacks listed below.

Game info:
Adventure wise, Super Mario Sunshine basic controls with a bonus feature.
First-person shooter with F.L.U.D.D shooting out water bullets and water
rockets. Also can use Yoshi's juice as a weapon to. Luigi's pultergust
3000 can shoot fire, water, and ice. Chicken who fires her eggs.

Button/regular/first person
A Button/jump/jump
B button/Action/Action
C stick/move camera/Changes weapons in first person shooter
Y button/punch/lock-on
X button/kick/change type of ammo
Control stick/move/move
Control pad/left and right changes fighting combos, up shows close up in
front, down shows in back
Z button/changes from first person to regular
R button/grab and throw/fire
L button/use special move/look behind you

Places in order:
Del fino plaza: start off here. Find out what's happening and go to Ricco
Ricco Harbor: THIS time there are no warping zones. Fix the plumbing and
find the dark portal
Ocean: get swept up in a hurricane and land in big world
Big world: Meet Chicken and get to the warp pipe
Ricco Harbor sewers: explore with Chicken and get washed away by huge tidal
Yoshi's Island: Meet yoshi and have to fight to get their trust. Then
Del Fino Plaza: Find out about the dark portal
Carona Mountain: Hike up to Carona Mountain to rocket to Bionco Hills
Bionco hills: find way to Serena beach
Serena beach: find and fight Luigi. He joins and you go back to Ricco
Ricco Harbor sewers: go to the dark world
Dark world: fight the dark sprite
Del Fino Plaza: See Shadow Bowser come out of his shell
Inside prison of the big shine sprite in the plaza: Fight Shadow Bowser

Shadow Mario: Not Bowser's son. Simple fight in Del Fino Plaza
Giant Piranha Plant: In big world but simple
Yoshi: In order to gain the trust of the yoshis on Yoshi's island you have
to beat the chief
Shadow Mario: This time with a huge paint bazooka
Luigi: Jealous thinking you are here to steal the credit once again and
attacks you without second thought.
Shadow Mario: This time with a tank and is harder than ever. In the dark
world the final fight.
Dark Sprite: Hard and huge boss that has glowing purple-red eyes
Shadow bowser:Oddest place to fight the last boss. Very hard and

F.L.U.D.D power-ups
Water rockets
Extra tanks
Water grenades

Yoshi Power-ups
Lava tank
Acid tank
Metal egg
Gold Metal egg

Luigi Power-ups
Ultra suck
Ultra shoot
Enemy absorbsion

Chicken Power-ups
Egg bombs
Homing Eggs
Mega egg bomb
Longer hover
Rapid eggs

Team Power-ups
2x attack
3x attack
4x attack
25% more HP
50% more HP
75% more HP
Stronger defense
Special ups

Ending: Yoshi goes back to Yoshi's Island. Mario goes back to the Mushroom
Kingdom for the celebration. Luigi takes Chicken and they both clean all
the other monsters off the island for their own adventure.

That's about it.
Made By
Forrest McElvy
Kazuo Koyama

Note: There are absolutely no guns. Just a New way to fire water/everything
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