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Yoshi And Mario's Story

Baby Mario
8 Diffrent Colered Yoshi's


To Collect 50 Fruit To Win A Level! Beating 1 Level On Each Page And Collecting As Many Hearts As You Can!There's Only 4Hearts,3 Pages,50 Hidden Lives In The Whole Game And 1500 Fruit In The Whole Game!(Counting All Levels! !Collect Hearts To Get More Levels!Example: If I Got 2 Hearts I'd Have 3 Levels To Choose From!

1. Jungle Deeps
A1.Netron Jungle: (Diffucuty ****) Enemy Count: 29
A2.Cheep Cheep Deeps: (Diffuclty ***) Enemy Count:28
A3. Qild Wild Jungle: (Diffucuty *****) Enemy Count: 31
A4. Wild Quid Jungle (Diffucuty ******)
A5. Quinn Jungle (Diffucty ****) Enemy Count:50

2.Sunshine Paridise (Notice Only 3 Levels On This World(
A1. Rail Lift: Difficuty ******* :Enemy Count: 20
A2.Surprise!!!:Diffcuty ***:Enemy: 15
A3.Ultra Rail Lift!: Diffcuty **********:Enemy Count:60

3.Bowswer Jr's Castle (Only 4 Levels This Time!)

1.Magmore Castle
2.Shy Guy Castle
3.Ghost Castle
4.Double Dragon Castle

Boss ******

Throw Eggs At Him 30 Times! Then He'll Start Opening His Mouth! Throw 2 Eggs In There And You Win! Also Eat Hearts That Fall!

Life Counter!
The Same Life Counter On YS Only You Have 9 Pedals!
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