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Mario & Yoshi: Fire and Ice

CONSOLE: Gamecube

STORY: Mario and Yoshi take a trip away from the
Mushroom Kingdom for a few days. As they get deeper
into their quest, they see a line of Warp Pipes. The
left one is blue. The right one is Red, but the middle
one was blue and red. They decide to check it out,
but as they jump into the warp pipe, they are unaware
of the danger that they are in for. When they come out
they are in a stange town full of many people they
have never seen before. Mario looks up to see a dark
cloud covering the land. Suddenly, a dark image
apperes from the shadows. It attacks Mario and Yoshi.
Our heros try to fight back, but is seemes that they
are helpless against this figure. Mario gets knocked
out, but later when he wakes up, Yoshi is gone, and
the dark cloud above is getting darker! Looks like
Mario has another adventure on his hands!


One player controls:

As Mario:
D Pad: Move
A: Jump, Action
B: Attack
Z: Shoot Fire Balls (Only when found)
X:Items Button
Y: Fire+Ice Attack (Only on Yoshi)
C Up: Nothing
C Right: Ride Yoshi (Only When found)
C Down: Play as Yoshi (Only when found)
C Left: Fly

As Mario in Air:

D Pad: Aim Direction
A: Fly
B:Shoot Fire Balls
Y:Fire+Ice Attack
C Up: Play as Mario
C Right: Ride Yoshi
C Down: Play as Yoshi
C Left: Nothing

As Mario on Yoshi:

D Pad: Aim Direction
A: Shoot Fire Balls
B:Fire+Ice Attack

Yoshi+Yoshi giving Mario a Ride:
D Pad: Move Around
Z:Shoot Ice Balls (Only When found)
X:Items Button
Y:Fire+Ice Attack Only with Mario)
C Up: Play as Mario
C Right: Ride Yoshi
C Down: Nothing
C Left: Fly

Yoshi Flying with Mario:
D Pad: Aim Direction
A:Shoot Ice Balls
B:Fire+Ice Attack
C Up: Play as Mario
C Right: Ride Yoshi
C Down: Play as Yoshi
C Left: Nothing

Two Player Controls:

Each Player chooses their character at the start of
the game. All controls are the same, but C Stick
buttons must be pressed at the same time in order to

Mario: Normaly, he's saving the mushroom kingdom
trying to save Princess Peach battling Bowser, but
this time, Mario is in for a new type of adventure.
Yoshi: Yes, our green friend is back in this epic
journy. But this time, he must use the power of ice to
save the day.
D W: D W is the villan of this game. Mario and Yoshi
along with the people of Niko Village don't know what
his name is, but it's initals are D W. He uses the
power of Water. What could those initals mean?

Special Abilitys:
Fire Balls: You can get the Fire ball attack with
Mario, but only Mario. It is found in the boss room of
the first temple.
Ice Balls: This attack can be used with Yoshi and only
Yoshi. it Can be found in the boss room of the seconed
Fire+Ice Attack: This attack can be used when Mario
and Yoshi are together. (C Left or c Right) You can
use it after you find Yoshi's saddle in the boss room
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