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Super Mario Band

OK the game is your Mario and all his other friends and you want to start a band. There will be different kinds of bands like country, rock, rap, pop, techno, blues, or disco. And you have to make the band. You and you'r friends can all be in the same band too. So what the point of the game is to play for your fans like citizens in Isle Delfino citizens in The Mushroom Kingdom and Bob-ombs. When you keep doing concerts your groups of fans get bigger. So that means you get more money! Which you will use to pay for stage equipment and improvements on your instruments. And if you are good enough you might become famous. If your good enough you will play at Bowsers castle which is as good as it can get in this game.

Piranha Plant
Shy Guy
Chain Chomp
Baby Bowser
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Diddy Kong
D.K. Jr.

Mushroom Drumset
Shell Guitar
Shell Bass
Chomp Call Trumpet
Mushroom Microphone
Pipe Turn Table
Star Guitar
Coin Block Amplifier

Improvements & stage equipment:
Super Mushroom-makes amp volume louder
Poison Mushroom-makes amp volume softer
Bullet Bill-it is for lighting it is like a firework
Warp Pipe Riser-a drum or guitar riser that looks like a Warp Pipe
Wiggler-background dancer
Bob-omb- it is for lighting it is like an explosion
Hammer Bro.- Security
Kamek- Pyro
Lakitu-Camera man so your band goes on TV and you become more popular

What to do: Pick a group of 1, 2, 3, 4 characters. Then make a band name. If you can't think of any then there are examples like The Mushrooms, and Mario's Party, or Nintendo Krew. After you make a name, you have a choice if you want to design your own costume(even though the only thing you can do is change the color of the characters cloths) Then you pick your type of group you want to be like I said before you get to chose from country, rock, rap, pop, techno, blues, or disco. Then pick the stage you want to play at, you get to pick from 3 in the beggining then with the money you get you can buy more stages. Anyway the 3 stages you can chose from in the beginning are, Mario's Stage, Mushroom Kingdom's Music Hall, and D.K.'s Bamboo Stage. Then after you pick a stage you go into something that looks like a recording studio. you pick one person out of your band and you have to hit buttons(duh) to have him or her play, and it will record you.You get to do this as many times as you like.Then keep doing this with all of the band members. When you are finished hit done. Then you will see your band on stage you picked playing the song you recorded and all you have to do there is sit back and enjoy what you created.

opps I forget to list the stages for you

Mario's Stage- a simple stage it has a wood floor with a red curtain
Mushroom Kingdom Music Hall- it has a shiny black floor with a red curtain with a picture of a gold mushroom on it
D.K.'s Bamboo Stage- this is in the jungle and the floor is made of bamboo and the curtain is made from huge leaves
Isle Delifino's Tiki Hut- a bamboo hut in Isle Delifino(duh)
Luigi's Mansion- this one kinda explains itself you play in Luigi's Mansion
Stars Staidium- a big stage with a concrete floor with a big yellow star on it and Black curtains.
Thwomp and Whomps Extra Room- the same Extra Room that is in Mario Party 4
Peaches Castle- you and your band play in peaches castle ... ya know the one from Super Mario 64
Bowser's Castle- You play in bowser's castle which is the last stage you play in the lava room with chains hanging everywhere and BIG fire balls in the background.
Link Stage- Play in Bowser's Castle 5 times and satisfy Bowser all 5 times in a row and unlock a Link Stage from the Legend of Zelda About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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