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Yoshi’s World

Plot: Mario and Luigi’s two distant cousins, Marcus and Lucas (both are electricians), receive a call form Prof. E. Gadd.

“I MUST have my transporter fixed!”

Responding to the call they arrive at his laboratory to try and fix this problem.

“Ahh! Don’t press….”


Too late! Unknowingly, Marcus accidentally pressed the transport button!


They open their eyes only to find themselves on a strange land inhabited by little dinosaur creatures called “Yoshi.”

Marcus tells them his story. The Yoshis would love to help…


Their in the middle of a crisis to! They are being terrorized by Bowzer’s number one henchman, Koopali; a black shelled koopa with mean fire attacks. What’s worse, is that he brought along his 7 children! With nothing to lose, Marcus and Lucas go off to stop Koopali!

Game controls.

h look up

i look down

g move right

f move left

[Start] pause

[Select] *not used*

[A] hop on Yoshi (see Yoshi section), shoot lighting (see power ups section)

[B] Jump

[R] use animal (see animal section)

[L] duck

Power ups/items.

There are a wide variety of power ups and items to choose from.


1. Lighting rod, allows you to shoot lighting .

2. Power star, you become invincible for a short period of time.

3. Wings, allows you to fly.


1. Hammer suit, allows you to fire hammers.

2. Bandit suit, stomp on an enemy, and regain health.

3. Tanooki suit, allows you to fly and turn into stone.

4. Super Suit, allows you to fly and shoot lighting.

[Health Items]

1. Heart, gives you one heart back.

2. Super heart, fills all hearts.

3. 1-Up mushroom, gives you an extra life.

4. 3-Up moon, gives you three extra life’s.

5. 5-Up Yoshi egg, gives you five extra life’s.

[Point items]

1. Coins, give 30 points.

2. Red coins, give 40 points.

3. Blue coins, give 50 points.

4. Gems, give 100 points.

5. Dinosaur coins, give 500 points. Collect 5 to get three extra life’s.

6. Yoshi statue, one in each level. Find it for 2,000 points.


Every world has its own signature animal. They will help you on the way. In order for it to obey you, simply step on to the glowing platform in front of it. Press [R] for it to obey you. For Fuzzies, you must collect the number of coins for it to move.


In order to use a Yoshi, simply press [A] next to one. It has all the same commands except for power ups. Press [A] to use it’s tongue.Levels

There are 8 worlds, each has 8 levels and two bosses. Each level has it’s own theme. They also have a wide variety of enemies as well! Be very careful, and don’t die.

[W-1 Yoshi’s island.] A lush and beautiful island retreat…or at least, it was. Watch out for piranha plants! If you give them a snack, they might help you.

[W-2 Shy guy mountain.] As the name implies, this place is crawling with Shy-guys! They make a good bridge when you need one though.

[W-3 Pokey desert.] A long and hard desert path that’s filled with Pokies! If you give them some water, they’ll be forever grateful.

[W-4 Fuzzy rainforest.] Its hot, muggy and sticky. To make matters worse, its teeming with Fuzzies! Give them some coins, if you wish to advance.

[W-5 Marching Milde’s boot camp.] A very large boot camp, crammed with Marching Mildes! Show them who’s boss and they’ll show you the way.

[W-6 Goonie outlook.] Whoa! Hang-on and don’t look down…your about two miles off the ground, in the clouds with, you guessed it, goonies! But if your nice, they might help you.

[W-7 Bob-omb test grounds.] DON’T BRING ANY MATCHES!! Or you’ll cause an mass explosion, by accidentally lighting a Bob-omb! However, they do help create a path.

[W-8 Skeleton wasteland] Don’t run because of some koopa skeletons! They won’t harm you if you have a flower. Bosses

There are 8 mini-bosses and 8 regular bosses.


1. Navel Piranha. Need Yoshi. Throw eggs in to its mouth. 6 hits.

2. Ball&Chain Guy. Whit for him to fall out of dizziness, then jump on him. 6 hits.

3. Three-headed Pokey. Need Yoshi. Keep using tongue until he disappears.

4. Five fuzzies. Find which one has the coin and smack it. 6 hits.

5. Giant milde. Need Yoshi. Ground pound him until she disappears.

6. Kristal the goonie. Jump on her to get her out of the air and jump again. 6 hits.

7. Big Bob-omb. Need Yoshi. Throw eggs at him until he falls off the edge.

8. Kadab. Jump on him. 6 hits.


1. Quentin. 6 hits.

2. Ricky. 4 hits.

3. Ozzie J.R. 8 hits.

4. Sky. 5 hits

5. Billy. 6 hits.

6. Jeffrey. 8 hits.

7. Mitchell. 6 hits

8 part1. Koopali. 6 hits.

8 part2. Koopali. 8 hits.

8 part3. Koopali. 16 hits. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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