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Wario and Waluigi World

Created by: Waluigi
Genre: Role Playing/Adventure
1-2 players


It starts out as Wario and Waluigi are doing their thing: Stealing and searching for treasure.
Thats when their troubles begin. They find a gem called the Demonension Gem. They then Take it home.Then they spy on Mario and Luigi. (This game is around the time of Paper Mario:The Thousand Year door) Mario gets a letter that says something about a great treasure. Mario leaves and Wario follows him.
Luigi then leaves, and Waluigi goes to Wario's castle. Then Wario comes back the next day saying that he missed the only boat in two weeks to the treasure Mario is after. He finds his castle on fire. But the fire is black. Then it shifts over to Waluigi, who is in a cell.


You Switch between Wario and Waluigi after every Level.
In the prologue you control Wario and go through a tutorial of how to control him.

Wario's attacks and abilities
Ground Pound
Body Slam
Pile Drive
Spin Throw
Power Flower: Metal

Then you switch to Waluigi and learn his attacks and abilities

Waluigi's Attacks and abilities

Mega Jump
Super Ground Pound
Long Punch
Mega Kick
Waluigi Body Throw
Power Flower: Purple Fire Balls



Demonension Drone
Gem Warriors
Guard Gems


Waluigi Clone
Wario Clone
King Boo Gem
King Koopa Gem
King Koopa J.R.-Gem
Demonension King


Wario: Garden, Backyard, Courtyard
Waluigi: Living room, Graveyard, Corona Mountain Portal

Wario and Waluigi: Wario World Portal

Multi-Player Story: You have a split screen and do the levels at the same time
Milti-Player Battle: Play as Wario and Waluigi as you Battle one another with 5-30 hit-points

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