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Ultimate Super Mario Bros.

Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Rating: E for Mild Cartoon Violence
Playable Characters: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi
Genre: Adventure, Action

Mario, Luigi, and Peach are all relaxing at Peach's Castle when Bowser and his minions suddenly show up! Princess Peach is kidnapped AGAIN. Mario and Luigi are both KO'd and left at Peach's castle. Guide Mario and Luigi through ten brand-new 3-D worlds as they search for Peach's whereabouts, with the help of their dino-buddy,Yoshi.

-Players can switch control between Mario and Luigi with the touch of a button!

-Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen, as well as a few other classic items return in this game, each with brand-new features!

-Yoshi returns! Some blocks may contain Yoshi eggs which hatch into the famous green dinosaur.

Walk: Tilt control stick slightly.
Run:Tilt control stick strongly.
Jump: A.
Triple Jump:A+A+A while running.
Double Punch, Kick Combo: B+B+B.
Crouch: Press R.
Long Jump: While running, press R+A.
Slide Attack: While running, press B.
Wall Jump: Press A to jump toward a wall and then just as Mario or Luigi hits the wall press A again to perform a wall jump.
Ground Pound: Jump and then press R.
Target Enemies or objects: Press L.
Switch: Press Y or X to switch control between Mario or Luigi.


Super Mushroom: For a limited time, this item grants you superstrength and enables you to lift very heavy objects such as boulders.

Fire Flower: When you have firepower, the ability to punch is replaced by the ability to throw a fireball. Tap B to throw a fireball, but if you hold down the B button, you can charge the fireball! After it is fully charged, release B to throw a wave of fireballs at your opponents.

Starman: The starman grants your character temporary invincibility. It also allows your character to run faster.

Cape Feather: The toucher of this item sprouts a cape. While running, wait until your character throws out his arms and then press and hold A to take off! While on the ground, tap B to make your character spin the cape around to attack enemies and even repel projectiles! Tap B repeatedly to unleash a Tornado Spin. This attack comes with a small price. Your character will become dizzy and immobile for about a second. The Cape Feather is rare.

Frog Suit: You will only find this item in underwater parts. This suit allows the user to swim faster underwater and the user won't need air while donning it. Also, hold down the B button and then release it to unleash a Torpedo Dash.

Controlling the Bros.

Mario is faster than Luigi but Luigi Jumps higher than Mario. Some ledges are too high for Mario to jump onto so you will have to send Luigi. Mario will wait patiently for Luigi to return. To switch control between Mario and Luigi, press the X or Y buttons. Your character will lead while your partner will follow behind you. For example, if you are controlling Mario, then Luigi will follow behind you. If you are controlling Luigi, then Mario will follow behind you.

Controlling Yoshi

Sometimes you will find Yoshi in some worlds. Both characters can hop on Yoshi.

Walk: Tilt control stick slightly.
Run: Tilt control stick strongly.
Jump: Press A.
Flutter Jump: Press A to jump and press A again in mid-air to flutter jump.
Triple Jump: While running, press A+A+A. (Yoshi will not execute flips like Mario and Luigi).
Ground Pound: Jump and then press R.
Crouch: Press R
Toungue: Press B.
Swallow: Press R to make Yoshi swallow what he is holding in his mouth and transform it into an egg. There are some things that Yoshi cannot swallow.
Spit Out: Press B to make Yoshi spit out what he is holding in his mouth.
Egg Throw: After Yoshi makes an egg, it will follow him until he uses it. Press B to make Yoshi throw the egg at a nearby enemy. If there are any other enemies nearby, the egg will ricochet off of one enemy and into the other one! Yoshi cannot use his toungue as long as an egg is with him. He can only make one egg at a time.
Target enemies and objects: Press L.
Dismount Yoshi: Press X or Y.

Bros. Teamwork

Sometimes Mario and Luigi will have to work together to overcome obstacles and enemies.

Boost: This allows one brother to give the other brother a boost to reach a high ledge if neither can jump high enough. When you go up to a ledge and see the word "BOOST" appear on the screen, press A to give your partner a boost. You will have to switch control to the brother you sent up the ledge. The other brother will wait patiently for your return.

Help: At times, your partner will need help such as defeating enemies or moving large objects. Your partner will usually call out to you when he needs help. If your partner can't defeat an enemy by himself, help him IMMEDIATELY. If your partner gets knocked out, it will be an automatic Game Over. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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