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Super Mario Adventure

By DJ DwayneZ

Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Graphics: 128 Bit
Music: Totally NEW
Gameplay: 3D like Super Mario 64 DS
Memory Blocks: 1 Block
Rating: Everyone
No. of Players: 1-4
Genre: Action, Adventure

Bowser, Bowser Jr, and the Koopalings went to the Kaos Sanctum to steal the Kaos Stars. An eagle woman named Harpie has dreamed of stealing the Kaos Stars for 600 years to get the power to conquer the world.
Rookie, Bowser's lost brother, stole the Kaos Stars first, but Bowser has now stolen them back, and kidnapped Princess Peach again as well.

Mario has found a Kaos Kollar. It is a strange collar that has the power to control the the Kaos Stars.
There is a message on it that says, "You don't choose the Kaos Stars, they choose you"...

Starting the Game
Press Start on the Title Screen, then choose one of the six files. The files appears with the labels Mario A, Mario B, Mario C, Mario D, Mario E, and Mario F. Once you select a file, you can enter a name. You can also do the following:

Delete File: You can erase a saved file and start a new game.
Copy File: You can copy the contents of one file to another.
Check Score: You can check the Score Points you have earned in each file.
Options: You can change the sound to Mono, Stereo, and Surround, and change the languages to English, Spanish, and Japanese. You can also adjust the Rumble Feature.

Speed: Good
Power: Good
Jump: Good

Speed: Normal
Power: Bad
Jump: Very Good

Speed: Very Good
Power: Very Good
Jump: Normal

Speed: Very Good
Power: Normal
Jump: Very Bad

Control Stick: Move
A: Jump, talk, accept a command, etc.
B: Punch, cancel a command, throw fireballs, thunderballs, or iceballs
Y: Grab, throw
X: Use hammer, tongue
C Stick: Move camera
L: Spray (only with FLUDD)
R: Switch Nozzles (only with FLUDD)
Z: Check DS Nav

Special Moves
Egg Maker: When playing as Yoshi, press X twice to make eggs.
Throw Eggs: As Yoshi, throw eggs by pressing R twice.
Ground Pound: When jumping, press R or L while you are not using FLUDD.
Swim and Dive: When you are in water, press A to swim and B to dive.
Kick: Press B three times to perform a kick. Only when you are Mario, Tiny Mario, or Giant Mario.
Hammer Twister!!!: Press and hold X and rotate the control stick. Not available for Yoshi.
Spary Twister: Rotate the control stick and press L with FLUDD.

These can be found or bought in an item shop.

Mushroom: Transforms Tiny Mario into Normal Mario.
Metal Mushroom: Transforms Mario into Metal Mario.
Para Wing: Transforms Mario into ParaMario.
Fire Flower: Transforms Mario into Fire Mario.
Thunder Bolt. Transforms Mario into Thunder Mario.
Freeze: Transforms Mario into Ice Mario.
Raccoon Leaf: Transforms Mario into Raccoon Mario.
Cape Feather: Transforms Mario into Cape Mario.
Star: Makes Mario invincible.
Shine Sprite: Transforms Mario into Giant Mario.
1-Up Mushroom: Gives Mario an extra life.

Koopa Troopa
Piranha Plant
Chain Chomp
Chomp Shark
Mini Chomp
Buzzy Beetle
Spike Top
Spike Parabuzzy
Bald Cleft
Cheep Cheep
Mama Blooper
Shy Guy
Fly Guy
Pale Piranha
Putrid Piranha
Dark Puff
Huff Puff
Ruff Puff
Frost Piranha

Worlds and Bosses
World 1: Peach's Castle
Bosses: Rookie, Popple, Iggy
Kaos Star: The Kaos Fire

World 2: Mushroom City
Bosses: Fawful, Cackletta, Lemmy
Kaos Star: The Kaos Wind

World 3: Yoshi's Island
Bosses: Big Bob-omb, Morton
Kaos Star: The Kaos Thunder

World 4: Dinosaur Land
Bosses: Petey Piranha, King Boo, Rookie, Popple, Fawful, Ludwig
Kaos Star: The Kaos Dragon

World 5: Isle Delfino
Bosses: Petey Piranha, King Boo, Rookie, Wendy
Kaos Star: The Kaos Aqua

World 6: Cold, Cold, Cold Island (New world)
Bosses: Goomboss, Cackletta, Smithy, Roy
Kaos Star: The Kaos Storm

World 7: The Giant Sky
Bosses: Goomboss, Petey Piranha, Larry
Kaos Star: The Kaos Light Crystal

World 8: Bowser's Castle
Bosses: Bowser Jr, Bowser

Harpie's Story
Harpie kidnapped Mario after he, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi recovered the Kaos Stars, beat Bowser, and rescued Peach. Now Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and Bowser unite...

Control Stick: Move
C Stick: Move camera
Z: Check DS Nav

A: Jump
B: Punch, throw Thunderballs
Y: Grab, throw
X: Use hammer

A: Jump
B: Punch, throw Iceballs
Y: Grab, throw
X: Use hammer

A: Jump
B: Punch
Y: Grab, throw
X: Use tongue

A: Jump
B: Punch
Y: Grab, throw
X: Firebreath

Final World and Boss
World 9: Harpie's Lair
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