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Godzilla vs. Mario.

Number of players: 4
Gamind System: Nintendo Gamecube
Plot: Godzilla and his friends are going to the Mushroom Kingdom. But before they get there, Bowser captures the Princess and also Mario! Bowser then, turns Mario into a Koopa! So its up to Godzilla and his friends to save the Princess, beat Bowser, and turn Mario back to normal. Along the way Godzilla and his friends will run into their old enimies that are helping Bowser.
Rating: E for everybody
Playable charactors: Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra, and Baragon.
Controls: The stick to move around on the map, B button for a kick attack, A button for punch attack, Y button for block, X button for tail or other attacks, L button for running, R button for jumping, Z button for ray attack, and A and X buttons for rage attacks.
Godzilla's moves: Punch, Kick, Bite, Headbutt, Atomic Heat ray, and rage attack: Atomic Shockwave.
Anguirus moves: Bite, Heel Kick, Rolling Attack, and Rage attack: Energy Spikes.
Rodan's moves: Uranium heat ray, Wind Sheer, Flying sweep, and Rage attack: Bird Turret.
Mothra Larva's moves: webbing and Rage attack: none because Mothra is the monster of peace! P.S. At the beggining of the game Mothra looks like a caterpillar.
Mothra( Imego) moves: Antenie Beam, Reflecting powder, and rage attack: none because like the Mothra Larva She has no rage attack Ipcept for Metamorphisis.
Baragon's moves: Heat Ray, burrow Attack, Horn Uppercut, Body Slam, and rage attack: Lava Eruption.
The Mushroom Kingdom: Boss: Gigan. Gigan's moves: Eye Laser, Shot gun burst, slugger kick and Rage attack: Whirlwind Assault.
Tokyo: Boss: Megalon. Megalons moves: Horn Lightning, Napalm, Energy puch, Energy Ark, and Rage Attack: Magnetic Vortex.
Seattle: Boss: Manda: Manda's moves: Tail Whip, Chooker, And Rage Attack: The Death tool.
London: Boss: Destroyah: Destroyah's moves: Horn Krana, Micro Oxygen Spray, Oxygen Absorber mines, and rage attack: Oxyegen Destryer.
Los Angelas: Boss: Mecha King Ghidorah: Mrcha King Ghidorah moves: Gravity Beams, Tasers, Flying Gravity Beams, and Rage attack: Invincibility.
New York: Boss: Kiryu( MechaGodzilla 3): Kiryu moves: Mouth Cannon, Rocket Pack, Plasma sword, and Rage attack: Absolute Zero Cannon.
SanFransico: Boss: King Ghidorah: King Ghidorah moves: Gravity Beams, Hurricane Winds, Blunting Winds, and rage attack: DeathStorm.
Dark World ( the final stage): Boss: Bowser and Koopa Mario: Bowser moves: Fire breath, Body Slam, Kick, and Rage attack, Call Koopa Army.
Koopa Mario moves: Super jump, Super Fire Ball, Tornado Mario, and Rage attack: Double Team.
When you defeat Bowser and Koopa Mario you see a short movie where Mario is back to normal and double team Bowser. They rescue the Princess and they all go back to the Mushroom Kingdom to celebrait!
Sumable Charactors: Battra, SpaceGodzilla, and the Mushroom Kingdom Army.
Un Playable Charactors: Toad, Daisy, Luigi,and King Mushroom.
Power ups: ( Note: Enimes can get Power ups too) Health power up( its green), Rage Power up( its a swirly portl like with orange colors), Energy Power ups ( They are a lightning bolt yellow), and Sumable power up(looks like a picture of Battra, SpaceGodzilla, or the Mushroom Army (note: the Enimies can get all of the power ups).
Cost: $ 29.30
Savable: yes
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