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Mario Darkness Wave

Console: Nintendo Rev.
Genre: 3D platform
Players: 2
Graphics: 245 bits
Sound: The msic will be orginal Hula type music. The sound of Smok on water will play while fighting a boss.
Rating: E, envolves some nudity, and cartoon violence.


Woohoo! The plot comes 1 year after Super Mario Sunshine. Princess peach has returned with mario to Isle Difano and she's been treated badly. On the 8th day of the island peach is sentenced to death and the Islands citizens are acusing her of casting darkness over the land. Now Mario sets out on a adventure to defeat the Peach look alike But wait! Things get worse. Mario's strongest enemy has returned. And Mario must get through her path!

Playable characters (includes unlockables):

Mario: You start the game with Mario He is the main character and is the one with the weakest attacks.

Luigi: When you exit court and start crying. Go behind the large tree. And luigi will run out in boxers. Run up to him and he will join you party.Mario will slump on the tree and weep. Talk to him to play as him again.

Bowser: When you leave island defanio after your 4th boss and land in bowsers castle make it to the pool up top. Jump into the koopa troopa picture. Stop on the POW block 3 times. This will annoy bowser. He will follow you around. You can only play as him during the boss fights at the castle though.

Daisy: At the last boss talk to her in the jury she will take bowsers pace. She is very helpful and can but the Shadow Queen to sleep for a short time.


Shadow cloack - Makes Luigi get fully dressed. This will help his jumps but make him slower. It makes Mario look like a vampire. It will give Daisy or bowser a cool cloak.

Mushroom- Raises your health fully. Very where, costs 50 coins.

Coins- Coins can be spent at shops.


To beat the game you simply beat the areas boss and move on. No shine sprites.

Mario's attacks:




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