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Future Mario

the story- Professor Elvin Gad introduces Mario and friends to his latest invention, the time machine. They had organized a plan to go into Bowser's past and twist him around from evil to good. Of course something always has to go wrong, and after the group is already on their way, the professor discovers it was set to the future. To make matters worse, a slight miscalculation traps them in this hi-tech world until the machine is fixed. Very confused, the friends gape upon their landing point. A strange world awaits with new buildings, people, and places to explore, but also something else new nobody thought of, villains.

Suddenly a toad shouts out", The legendary Mario is back, and it isn't long before they are treated like kings, but as in the past, the people of the future have favors to ask too.

This is the ultimate Mario challenge. Embark on a quest to save future Mushroom City from being destroyed by the evil koopa robots... with style! For the first time Mario's going to travel in a hover-kart, or how about Toad with a jetpack? Travel around the world, party in the fun-filled Mushroom City of the future, and save your friends to achieve your ultimate goals, surviving the future, and once again, being the big hero.

playable characters: Toad, Luigi, Mario, and Peach

controls: The controls are the same as Paper Mario, but everyone except Mario have different A buttons.
Toad's A- tackle, Peach's A- umbrella, Luigi's A- vacuum

level 1: future Mushroom City- This level is just the introduction and where you get new gear. Boss- koopa robot captain

level 2: Party City- When Mario is recognized a party is thrown for his return, only to be crashed by koopa robots. Boss- a bunch of koopa robots

level 3-5: These levels are journeying from Mushroom City to where the koopa robots are created.

level 4: Koopa Robot Productions- Once you bust into the place you are attacked by goomba security guards and Toad is captured. Boss- The crazed koopa robot creator clones Mario and you must defeat him.

level 5: When you are through with the Mario clone you have to find Toad.

level 6: the black hole- The crazed robot creator threatens to drop Toad in the black hole unless you beat his mini-game, hangman with Toad.

level 7: After you beat his mini-game, he escapes in a spacecraft and drops a nuclear bob-omb, and you have to escape while being chased by goomba guards. Boss- the goomba security squad leader

level 8: In the future even the trees are on guard in that place, and they tip over trying to crush you when exit the building. Boss: the tree squad

level 9: Out of breath and lost, you bump into Bowser, but he is old and now harmless. He asks why you were running and when you explain, also being an enemy of the koopa robot creator, he joins you. Boss: the robot creator once again.

level 10: With the help of Bowser, you must defeat the creator once and for all. When you finish him off by tying him up and launching him into space in his own ship, you notice a controller on the ground. All of a sudden a whole army of koopa robots starts toward you. Quickly Bowser crushes the controller with his walking stick and all the robots slow down and then stop for good. It's all over now, and a huge celebration is thrown in honor of all five. Unfortunately Professor Gadd comes
through the fixed time portal and eagerly motions you to go back through and into the normal time. With one last goodbye the adventure ends. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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