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Super Wario 64

Bowser is tired of being beat by Mario and comes up with a new idea to regain his confidence. He's going to cause havoc for the Wario Bros. Wario's out searching for gold coins and gems. Waluigi is home. Bowser storms in and grabs him. At sunset, Wario returns sad with an empty bag. He notices Waluigi is gone. There's a note left from Bowser. "I have taken your brother. If you want him back, come to my castle! Signed: Bowser" Wario gets all mad and rushes out the door. A few seconds later, he comes back and grabs his empty bag, and than heads out. He gets to Bowser's Castle. It's on a dark mountain, with stormy skies, a big black castle, with a lava moat. Bowser's goons are about, making sure nobody enters.

This game is similar to Super Mario 64, except it's a darker version. Wario's controls are the same as in Super Mario 64 DS.

Once Wario has beaten all the goons, a dark, evil-looking key will show up. That unlocks the door to the castle. (The goons will appear again once you go back outside.) Once inside, Wario will hear Bowser's voice. "BWAHAHA!!! Welcome, Wario! I see you came searching for your brother! You better give up now, because it's hopeless!" The first room is big and has many doors, leading to different paintings. (Like Peach's Castle) He can only access one room now. Once he gets a certain amount of Shadow Stars, he can access more rooms. There is a total of 120 Shadow Stars. He has to face Bowser three times. Once he gets enough Shadow Stars, he can face Bowser for the first time. Once he wins, he gets an evil-looking key, leading to his basement. The basement has rooms and paintings as well. Once he gets enough Shadow Stars, he can face Bowser a second time. Once he beats him, he'll get a key to the upstairs. There's even more rooms and paintings. Get enough Shadow Stars to face Bowser for the third and final time. Beat him and the floor around Bowser (while laying down, after getting thrown into three spike balls) will crack and he'll fall down (Just like the first and second battle). Wario will get teleported to the outside (All goons are gone). At the top of a castle, in a tower, Waluigi falls out, landing on his stomache. Wario laughes with joy. Once Waluigi gets up, Wario shows Waluigi his bag full of glod coins. They both cheer, take the bag, and head home. (If you collected all 120 Shadow Stars, the castle starts to fall apart as they head home)

Than the credits start. They show pictures of Wario standing somewhere in the levels he visited. Soon, it will say,"The End." Than Wario says, "So you played my game, huh? Well, thanks for nothing!" Than it goes to the title screen.

There's different power-up boxes that Wario can jump and hit. He can turn giant, metal, invisible, and fly with bat wings on his cap for a short period of time. Giant power-up boxes are red and a mushroom falls out. Get it, than he grows. Metal power-up boxes are green and a metal cap comes out. Get it, than he turns metal. Invisible power-up boxes are blue and a partly invisible cap comes out. Get it, and he turns invisible. Fly power-up boxes are black and a cap with bat wings falls out. Get, and he can fly. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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