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Super Mario Dejavu

(Warning! You may experience unwanted thoughts about the Twilight Zone! BE PREPARED!!!)

Only for the Nintendo Gamecube

Gameplay: 3D RPG
INTRODUCTION: You see Mario and Luigi playing tennis with a roaring audience of almost everyone they know. LUIGI WINS!! The crowd goes wild, and the Mario brothers shake hands...The camera skips to 9:30, Mario's bedtime, and you watch him get in bed and go to sleep. Suddenly you see a pair of eyes under Mario's bed, and a Koopa Troopa quietly squeezes out. With an evil grin, he sprays sleeping gas on Mario, and pushes him into a portal in a wall...

CONTROLS: A- jump, B- punch, X- special move (in boss fights, if you get one), Y- look around as Mario's point of view, Z- view inside your cap (item saver), L- center camera, R- ground-pound / crouch (on ground), C-Stick - rotate camera, Control Stick / Pad - you know what that does, A&B- midair kick, Run&B- belly slide, R (crouch)&A- backflip jump, R (crouch)&B- ground kick, A&A (midair) - double jump, A, next to people (not enemies), - talk to them

ITEMS: Starman- makes Mario invincible and faster, Giant M - restores Mario's health meter, Super Mushroom (saved until bosses) - restores health during boss fights, Morphing Yoshi (Yoshi's Island) - Yoshi that morphs into an object in a hovering bubble (controls: helicopter: A- ascend, B- descend, Control Stick / Pad - same. car: A/B- "jump" above enemies)

HEALTH: Your health meter is a red M on the top right corner. For each damage you take, a black color starts to take over the M . The bigger the damage, the more black there is. When completely black, Mario faints and you wake up at the castle plaza, but no saved data is erased (if you save, Mario's insurance is covered), so save constantly!

GAMEPLAY: It's a lot like Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, without the Luigi. Sometimes you will play levels from other 3D games (that's why the game is called "Super Mario Dejavu"). I hope you submit this to Nintendo.

By Anthony Ragus

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