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Wario's Wrestling World

By Matt Bankey
Here is how the game works out: In case you didn't realize, it's a fighting game, starring Wario and a few other strong characters. I haven't ironed out all the details, like controls and such, but I have cool ideas that can be thrown in. There are several modes in this game: Story mode, Smash 'em mode, Profile mode, Options Mode, and Souvenirs mode. And now, before I get into the different modes, here are the characters I planned to have in the game:

-Wario - human

strengthes: raw power and defensive power and decent speed (good for beginners)

weaknesses: aside for his greed, no glaring weaknesses (In this game)

special abilities: his muscles (and maybe some gizmos sneaked in his


-Waluigi - human

strengthes: good defense and decent attack and speed

weaknesses: his really powerful attackes takes a little bit more time

special abilities: his feet and legs; he's also good with a tennis racket

-Donkey Kong - ape

strengthes: really powerful, and pretty fast for a big guy!

weaknesses: huge target, and stregth can be hard to control!

special abilities: can throw random barrels and bananas

-Bowser - koopa

strengthes: great power and GREATER defense!

weaknesses: a bit slow...

special abilities: fire breath, his shell, and maybe some powers from SMRPG

-Bomberman - ?human?

strengthes: lets just say, his attacks can get explosive!

weaknesses: not much on defense

special abilities: BOMBS, what else?

-Captain Falcon - human

strengthes: super speedy and has really powerful attacks!

weakness: other attacks are pretty weak, and combos are hard to control

special abilities: Falcon Punch/Kick, and other high-speed attacks

-Primeape - Pokemon - fighting (trainer: Karate Master)

strengthes: attacks are fast and furious

weaknesses: can get confused after some attacks

special abilities: attacks may even confuse the opponent(s)

-Poliwrath - Pokemon - fighting/water (trainer: Gym Leader Chuck)

strengthes: powerful attacks and great defense

weaknesses: speed could be better

special abilities: mixture of fighting/water attacks, can even hypnotize foe

-Darunia - Goron (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

strengthes: stone fists! Rock-hard defense! Fast when rolled up in a ball

weaknesses: a bit slow otherwise...

special abilities: rock and even fire based attacks, and Megaton hammer

-Hariyama - Pokemon - fighting (trainer: gym leader Brawly)

strengthes: AMAZINGLY powerful attacks!

weaknesses: pretty poor defense and speed

special abilities: really cool sumo wrestling-style of attacks

Secret champion characters:

-Rawk Hawk - hawk? (Paper Mario: The thousand-Year Door)

strengthes: powerful and flashy moves

weaknesses: attacks a bit too flash, and not to speedy either

special abilities: definitely knows a lot about wrestling

how to unlock: beat game for first time with anyone

-Snorlax - Pokemon - normal (trainer: Ash Ketchum)

strengthes: great attacks and supreme defense (he can barely feel it)

weaknesses: slow, and may fall asleep after a hyper beam

special abilities: Hyper Beam, rest, Mega punch, etc.

how to unlock: beat mystery trainer with any pokemon character

-The Master - Mushroom Man (Paper Mario)

strengthes: excellent combos and great attacks and speed

weaknesses: not so good in defense (especially old version)

special abilities: power-ups, combo attacks, etc.

how to unlock: beat him after doing training for an hour with any character (not

all at once)

-Viewtiful Joe - human/superhero

strenghthes: uses amazing powers and strength to win

weaknesses: might turn into normal Joe if overuse powers

special abilites: Slow-Mo, Mach Speed, Zoom-In!

how to unlock: play story mode with every character

Secret dark side characters:

-Metal Mario - robot?


weaknesses: SLOOOOOOOW!!! And heavy...

special abilities: same as Mario in any fighting game

how to unlock: have Wario beat him in Adventure mode

-Alastor - Blade Master/human/super villian (Viewtiful Joe)

strengthes: like Joe, uses superpowers and strength to win

weaknesses: takes longer than Joe to charge up when drained

special abilities: has all of Joe's power, electric attacks, swords master, and he

can fly!

how to unlock: beat him with Viewtiful Joe in story mode

-Petey Piranha - man-eating flower

strengthes: powerful attackes and good defense

weaknesses: slow (you'd be slow too with a head that big!)

special abilities: tossing sludge, chomping, making whirlwinds, and he can fly!

how to unlock: beat him in story mode with Bowser or Donkey Kong

-Black Shadow - human (F-Zero GX)

strengthes: bulging with muscles, very powerful

weaknesses: a tad bit slow

special abilities: kinda like Captin Falcon, but darker and with more power

(and slow)

how to unlock: beat him in Adventure Mode with Captian Falcon

-Ganondorf - human/demon

strengthes: extremely powerful

weaknesses: not much of a runner

special abilities: like Captain Falcon, but slower and more magic to boost

how to unlock: beat him with Darunia in Story mode

-Lacky - robot (Champ's minion) (can't play in story mode)

strengthes: nimble on his feet

weaknesses: not exactly a powerhouse

special abilities: like the Lizardman in Soul Calibur II, this guy can only be used

matches, not the Story Mode; looks kinda like the robots

from Viewtiful Joe

how to unlock: play 200 matches in Smash 'em Mode (whatever games) and

play Dark mode once

-Ninja Koopa - Koopa (Champ's minion) (can't use in story mode)

strengthes: swift and good defense

weaknesses: not too powerful

special abilities: uses shell mostly; looks like Koopa Bros. form Paper Mario

how to unlock: play 400 matches in Smash 'em Mode (any kind of match)

and play Dark Mode twice

-Bulky - human? (Champ's minion) (can't use in story mode)

strengthes: great attacks and defense

weaknesses: not too bright; poor speed and combos

special abilities: he just tries to pound you; looks like a blue hulk

how to unlock: play 600 matches in Smash 'em mode (any kind of match)

and play Dark Mode with every character

Those are all the characters, and some of them have their own individual stages to fight in (The Master's Dojo, Glitz Pit, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Coliseum, Movieland, Wario's Stadium, etc.) now to explain the Story Mode. It actually has three parts, Arcade Mode, Adventure Mode, and Training Mode (that's how you unlock The Master). Arcade mode is when you face random opponents, then face the Ultimate Champion (huge hairy alien-monster with horns and a golden belt). This is how you can unlock that character's profile. There is also an Super Champion mode, which is similar to Super Smash Bros.Melee's All-Star mode. You unlock it by beating Arcade mode with everyone character. At the end of every Arcade venture, the player gets a congratulations with a cool picture in the backround, representing the character they chose, like in Super Smash Bros. But in the Super Champion Mode, after the credits roll, every character in the game gets there own mini-bio (height, weight, hobbies, etc.), like in Viewtiful Joe! Just a little something I like to add.

Now for the Adventure Mode. In this mode, there's a special tournament is going on, and every fighter available may join. Every diferent character has a different story to tell and a different motive. Wario and Waluigi, for example, would like to sample some of that prize money! Donkey Kong could use some extra money to buy some bananas, and Bowser needs the money for his next plot against the Mario Bros. Some other stroies are more about pride and self-respect. Rawk Hawk is always looking for a new championship, and the Master feels he needs to test himself. Plus all those trainers are going to try their best in the tournament, too. Other stories are more aboutsaving the world. Like Darunia is sent to stop the evil Ganondorf, and Joe, thinking he saw Alastor going to the Tournament, joins in, too. Anyway, the story goes on, revealing that the tournament was just a ploy, so that the Ultimate Champion, a being who has come to test the champions of Earth, could fight the characters and destroy their planet! Though it all, it eventually comes down to Wario himself facing the Ultimate Champion for the fate of the planet (and the prize money). Everyone else faces different opponenets and takes different journeys. Some characters may also end up fighting the Ultimate Champion (Waluigi, Viewtiful Joe, the Master, Ash and Snorlax, etc.). After beating the Adventure mode with all the good guy, players can play Dark mode, where characters can play as one of the bad guys, and see how he fits into this! Metal Mario, for example, was created as a fighting machine to fend off the Ultimate Champion, but goes on a rampage, and fighting it will eventually short-circuit it! Alastor, a member of the Jadows from Viewtiful Joe, just wants to fight worthy opponents, espically Joe, so he heads for the tournament. While characters like Ganondorf and Black Shadow just wants to take over the world! Petey got mixed into this by flying by and being knocked down by the Ultimate Champion's flying stadium. And after the credits in these modes, it's the same thing with like the Arcade completions! That's it for that.

Training mode, like all fighting games ever, lets you try out different characters, get a feel for them, master them! Added up minutes in training mode gives you the Master. And that's about it for that.

Smash 'em Mode is a fighting free for all! Five sections, Duel mode, Multe-match mode, tournament mode, Special matches, and custom rules, lets you fight your brains out with any character you please. Duel mode is like a "Who would win?" match, pitting COM vs. COM, 1P vs. COM, or 1P vs. 2P against each other in a special fighting arena with any player they choose! Multe-match mode is when up to four players, tag-team or not, can play on any stage, with any character, so things could get pretty messy! Tournament mode is like the tournament mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee, a set number of one on ones, until one is the winner! Special matches includes camera mode (take pictures), Lives mode (play with set number of lives), Giant mode (Super sized characters), tiny mode (shrunken characters), Mach Speed mode (super fast play), Slow-Mo mode (slowed down play), and Topsy-Turvy mode (randow things happen)! And Custom rules, of course, customizes the rules the way the player likes! And that's Smash 'em Mode!

Profile mode gives profiles of each of the characters when you win them. Telling you about their backrounds, why the are in the Tournament, and it even includes info on their stage! Everyone gets a profile after they win at arcade mode!

Options mode deals with stuff like Volume (Mono or Stereo), rumble feature (it's for GameCube in case I haven't mentioned), Sharpness, and a Sound Test.

Souvenirs mode is where you can look at the trophies you've win after playing Adventure/Dark mode, and find out a little more about the characters (fighting style, etc.). Also, as players play, they gain points, which they can spend on souvenirs, like items or objects belonging to the fighters (Wario's hat/car, Koopa Clown Car, Glitz Pit Belt, etc.) and gives you info on that stuff, too! You can also buy movies of characters that show them doing there stuff (fighting, like the movies in Soul Calibur II). There are already two movies, an How to Play movie, and a Special Movie, showing off all the original characters (like in SSBM).

That's all there is to say about Wario's Wrestling World. It's really cool when you think about it. Tell me what you think! About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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