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Luigi's NEW Mansion

Prieveously, Luigi fought King Boo with his Polterguist 3000. Proffesor Elvin Gadd lived nearby, and was so happy that he anialated all the ghosts that he used the treasure Luigi found to build a new mansion! "Welcome to Luigi's new Mansion!" But what happens next?

Prologue: All of Mario and Luigi's friends are invited to the mansion to sleep over for a night. You must imagine how many friends they had, so they almost filled all the bedrooms! When they are eating dinner, you suddenly hear the spooky music when Luigi's in a room filled with ghosts (Luigi's Mansion). A chill fills the room, along with a smog. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a boo with a crown hovers in the dinning room, making everyone screem. "You may have gotten my brother, but I will make all your heads swim! Blahahahahahah!! Wait, is that E. Gadd's Polterguist 3000, the weakness of my brother? I better hide. BEWARE!!!" And the boo vanishes through the walls. "Wea better do somethinga!" Mario suggests. "Yeah," Toad agrees," go whoop that ghost's glute!" "PEOPLE, SETTLE DOWN!!" Proffesor Gadd shouted. "Luigi, the Polterguist 3000 is one of two weaknesses of ghosts. This looks like this boo may be twice as strong as King Boo." "What's the other resort?" Princess Peach insisted. "MY LATEST INVENTION!" the proffesor said proudly. "Mario, follow me to my lab." When both come back, Mario has an object that looks like a Polterguist 3000. "I call it," Elvin says, "the Boo Buster! It has the power of Luigi's vacume, only it can trap ghosts, and fire a homing glow at boos (this is how you will fight the new King Boo when he captures Luigi). And thus another adventure awaits the Mario Bros...

Controls (Gamecube): A: inspect things, B: push to turn off flashlight, X: switch control of a bro, Y: view as a bro, Z: view picture ghosts you cought, L: use element when you catch, R: suck up ghosts, Anologue stick/ control stick: move bros.

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