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Mario & Luigi's Dark Kingdom

Storyline:Bowser has run out of ideas he has stolen The Power Stars,The Shine Sprites,Even Mario for goodness sake.So he hatched an idea out of that Pure Evil Head of his.
"Kookie!" [Koopa Kid Ludwig's Nickname you know the one that's smart with Big Hair....]
"Yes King Dad?"
"You Brag so much about your "Intelligence?"
"Well put it to the test!"
"Oh? Like how?"
"Build me a Dark DNA Machine."
It could recive anyone's DNA and create the person of witch the DNA was put in and make him (Or Her...) Evil!
"Get me a DNA somple of...of...THE MARIO BROTHERS! GWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!
But The Italian Plumbers were on vacation.They managed to scrounge up DNA thanks to Daisy forgetting to pack their Hair Brushes.The Dark Bros.took over The Mushroom Kingdom and called it.."The Dark Kingdom!" So when The Bros. returned all they saw was a corrupted chaotic Kingdom so it's up to them to stop them!
Gameplay:Y-Crawl through tight spaces.
C-Stick Wave around Flash Light at night or while inside the Dark Castle.
D pad-Dodge enemie attacks.
Control Stick-Move Mario [or Luigi]
A-Action button example;Sit,Stand,open Door,Close Door,Pick up,Put down,and more.
Z-Turn on\off your Flashlight.
X-Turn from Co-op to single player.1p controls Mario 2p controls Luigi.
L-Grabs items and enemies.This is a very powerful move.
R-Grab your partner and lift him to a high place you cannot reach.
B button-Attack.
Start-Open pause menu and inventory and status screen.

It is a Multiplayer Co-op game 3p controls Peach 4p controls Daisy.
Plus hidden Characters,colors.costumes,Items,Weapons,Trophies,Character Files,Mini-Games,Sound Test,and lots snd lots of cheat codes.
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