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Super Mallow 64

Now here is a very annoying character that i know we all like to see in his own game(Next to Luigi) Well the point of the game is to save Nimbus Land from distruction. Valenntina comes back with Dodo and her new husband Booster and the most scariest boss of all time...Booster Jr.!! He acctully looks pretty desent but dont tell the parents. Well meanwhile back to the game you have to go through obsticles even to get to them. Mallow has a Little girlfriend who you have to save on your way also. You finnaly have to save your parents. There 15 levels. Look for famous bosses for SM:RPG includin Yardovich, Bowyer and Punchinello. The clouds look so real in this game. Comming in 1999.

Timothy Sheridan

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