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OK the name of the game would be KOPA KOPA.

Story: Millions of kamik guys would capture bowser for letting the yoshis succed in (drumroll please) "Yoshi's Story" and then the koopas who were loyal to bowser fought the kamik guy 's and all of the koopa's would die, due to there ablity not to do magic. Back in the Koopa village one Koopa witch would tell everybody that they had lost to the evil kamik's. In a grouping of water falls 3 boys were looking for something "grama said that it was here" said Brian Bush, the mighty blessed Koopa child. "a shiny treseure should be here. "whats this" asked George, the magigian child. "its a sword" said Bob, the markskoopa's child. Brian pick up the sword and it started to glow. "it says on it that who ever picks up this sword is the new koopa hero!" said George!

And so the 3 Boys search out The witch She said "you need to find the 7 power shells, and then this sword will be powerful enough to fight evil, and recue Bowser." "But we arne't her'os can't you find someone else?" "NO, now go ill give you this mapso that you can find the shells now GO!"

And so Brian Bob and George find themselfs collecting power shells finding new wepons keeping peace(not that much)and most of all kicks the kamik's butt!

Thats the story part the game is like a game Secret for Mana, only insted of mana its power shell's you can alternate caracters and also playing with 3 the end they rescue bowser.

Tech stuff
Gere: RPG
System: N64
Saveable: Yes
Difficulty setings: no

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