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Mario Jam

Genre: Sports(Basketball)
Players: 1-4

It's pretty muuch NBA Jam with Mario characters. It has all the characters from Mario Kart 64, plus Kamek and Geno. Mario and Luigi have the most even sttributes, Pach and Yoshi are the fastest, Bowser and Toad are the best defenders, Wario and Donkey Kong are the best jammers, and Kamek and Geno are the best three-point shooters. You pick two of the characters and play. Each of the caracters has special abilities as well. Mario has an "offensive" super jump to make dunks easy, Luigi has a "defensive" super jump thats gets him past his opponents, Peach can float, Yoshi puts the ball in his mouth so hide it from his opponents, Toad lifts whoever's got the ball and shakes them until they drop it, Bowser rams his opponents with his spiked shell, Wario has a "tunnel jump"(the opposite of Mario's super jump) which lets him tunnel under opponents, Donkey Kong trips them up with his hand slap, Geno turns into a cannon and fires the ball into the basket, and Kamek makes his enemies disappear for a few seconds. Just a thought.

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