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Super Mario Fun Pak 64

Players: 1-4
System: Nintendo 64

Included in the Fun Pak:

Laser Tag- Battle and chase your freinds throughout the entire castle. First one with 5 hits losses. 1st prize is a Samus Doll!
Tag- Run throughout a selected stage in the world classic game.
Squirt Gun Battle- Just a fun game. Remember, this is Nintendo we're talking about.
Super Mario World Pinball- The elusive pinball game digitized.
Mario Bros. N64- The orginal, updated in 3-D with new baddies and the ability to play as your favorite characters.

Story- Mario and company were bored one day. Luigi came up with an idea. "Let's open an Arcade here at the castle. Peach has the money, Mario and I used to be carpenters, Wario can help with the signs, Toad's strong, and Yoshi could get a lot of business from Yoshi Island."You pick one of the main characters. They are: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Wario, and Yoshi.
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