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Super Mario Bros: Ernie's Revenge

Platform: GBA

Genre: Classic Side-Scrolling Hop-n-Bop entertainment for the whole family!


It all started one day when two of Bowser’s kids came home with a large black box. They said they went to a garage sale and the man there said it the best thing to buy and was a real bargain!

Bowser opened the box, and suddenly the ghost of Ernie Nerglefergen came out!!! Ernie Nerglefergen had once tried to take over the entire Mushroom Kingdom long before Mario’s time, but Bowser (!!!) managed to stop him. But now Ernie Nerglefergen would kidnap Bowser so his plans wouldn’t be ruined. THAN he will be able to rule! Thinking fast, Bowser called the two people he knew who could stop this beast…The Mario Bros.!!!

“Mario! Luigi!” he shouted in the cell phone. “The ghost of Ernie Nerglefergen has kidnapped me and wants to take The Mushroom Kingdom! You must stop him! AAAAAAAHHHHH!”

Now, the two plumbers were confused, but Bowser sounded very worried. And so begins Mario and Luigi’s quest to save the day!..

Now that I’ve got that out of the way…


This game has 3 playable characters: Mario, Yoshi, and Luigi. Mario is a slow runner and not one of the world’s greatest jumpers, but has great strength. He is also easier to control. Luigi is a high jumper and an even better runner, but lacking in the power and control categories. You select which character you want to play as at the beginning of each level. Yoshi is also playable! In some parts you can ride him. He can eat different fruits to get different powers, or you can swallow enemies and then spit them out as projectiles. Each character has a health bar, one for above water, another for under it.


A map screen is used to navagate around The Mushroom Kingdom. Except unlike other games that use a map screen, this one is totally different. The map’s are usually very large and can sometimes even take up more than one screen. You obtain different parts of the map to get to new places. Some you need to continue on your journey, some just take you to extra places. At the end of each level is a boss, as you probably know (Which, out of laziness I won’t list). Plus, there are extra mini-games on the map as well!!!


Grass Land – Your basic Mushroom Kingdom Grass Land

Mushroom Mountains – A large area with many mountains

Lakeside – A small, woodsy area by a large lake. Lots of water levels here

Cactus Canyon – It’s the desert! BUM BUM BUMMMMMM

Snow World – Ice, Ice Baby….

Taffy Town – One of the most populated towns in the Mushroom Kingdom

Sunshine Clouds – High, high in the sky…

Dark Caverns – ALL UNDERGROUND!!!

Castle – It’s a jungle world! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! No, it’s actually a castle. Whooda thunk?

Fire Dome – Like Vanilla Dome, except much more fiery.

Ernie’s Hideout – The final world! Are you ready? Put your mad skillz to da test!


Super Mushroom – Doubles you in size, allowing one extra hit. Unlike other Mario games, they don’t turn into Fire Flowers if you already have one…You can get a whole bunch of Super Mushrooms, allowing for many hits!

1-Up Mushroom – Extra life! Boo-ya!

Coin – The Mushroom Kingdom is just full of ‘em, eh?

Suits – Same old suits as in Super Mario Bros. 3, with fourt new ones: The Hammer suit, which lets you swing a giant hammer, Spin Suit, which makes you spin around in one spot knocking out any enemies coming close, Super Suit, which gives your jumping abilities an extra boost, and Sticky Suit, which lets you walk on slippery places normally.

Starman – Invincibilitay.

Blue Diamond – In order to complete your mission, you have to collect all the Blue Diamonds hidden throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. 50 to win, an extra 50 all around!

Red Diamond – Usually harder to find, these are 2 diamonds for the price of 1! You heard it folks, these diamonds make two blue diamonds somewhere out there disappear! Because this is worth both of ‘em!

Keys – Keys…
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