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Mario's Dark Quest


Story: It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Mario was taking a well deserved nap. Suddenly Mario started levitating right out of bed! He suddenly disappeared in a black mist. Soon Mario woke up to find himself in a dark and evil place. When Mario looked behind him what he saw made the hair on his back rise up. He saw a shadowy figure. "Welcome Mario we have been waiting for you," said the figure.

"Where am I?" asked Mario.

"You are in the Nightmare World where all your worst fears roam as I am the server of darkness, if you want to leave this world you must collect the 7 light keys, you will find each one by completing 6 challenges in each world, after winning the sixth challenge you earn a light key and you move on to the next world, do you accept the challenge?" said the figure.

"You bet I will," said Mario heroically.

And so he started the biggest Quest of his life!


Control Stick: Walk/Run
A Button: Jump
B Button: Attack/Pickup Item/Throw Item/Use A Weapon
Y Button: First Person View
X Button: Inventory
Z Button: Game Data
C-stick: Change Camera Angle
L Button: Use Special Abilities
R Button: Map
Start Button: Pause

World1: Storm Valley
World2: Full Moon Island
World3: Icicle Mountain
World4: Magma Peak
World5: Coral Cove
World6: Mecha Factory
World7: Dark Spirit Mansion
Final World: NIghtmare Fortress

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