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Dark Luigi

The Story:

Bowser's team of Magikoopas after years of research & preparation have unlocked the secret of the Dark Flower. This looks like a Fire Flower, but it will cause anyone who uses it to turn evil. It represses any love that a person feels, and increases negative emotions. The flower is planted near the brothers' house, and Luigi finds it. He immediatly forgets all of the love he has for his friends, & runs amok in the kingdom. Mario, unsure what has happened sets off to find his Bro. Bowser uses this chance to do his thing. We all know what that is. Mario once again has FLUDD, & Luigi has the Polterghost 3000. Gameplay is similar to SMS. Yoshi is back too. Only this is the good Yoshi, you know the one named Yoshi, the green one, the who doesn't freaking die if you get him wet! Anyway Mario gos about helping the people who's towns have been ruined by Dark Luigi. He beats up some Koopalings. ( they're back!)

The Dark Luigi Battle:
DL shoots either fire, water, or ice at you, with the Polterghost 300.

Using FLUDD you douse the fire. Dodge the water, let it hit the ground, then use it to refill. Now the ice is your weapon. Spray it, it will fall to the ground. pick it up & throw it at DL. this will freeze him for a moment. Run up & do a ground pound(a.ka. hip drop a.k.a. slam jump a.k.a. butt slam) on his head. do this 5 times.

Then you will go to a cut scene:

Luigi accuses Mario of not respecting him, & hogging glory for himself. Mario tells Luigi that he does love & respect him, but that he was worried, because Bowser kept comming back stronger, & bigger. He hted the thought that something might happen to his bro, which is why Luigi has been absent from recent adventures. Luigi is over
come with love for his bro, & the Dark Flower loses its power. They head off to fight Bowser.

The Final Battle:

Bowser is as big as in SMS, & blowing fire everywhere. There is a moat around the area. Mario is on Luigi's backholding on with his legs. Luigi must suck up some fire in his vacuum, then Mrio water jets them over Bowser's head. Luigi then shoots the fire at Bower's hair, catching it on fire. Bowser will run over to the moat to dunk his head, then charge you & cause a few earthquakes. Use the moat to refill, since you'll use most of your water getting over Bowser's head. Repeat 5 times then Bowser will run away, head ablaze.

The ending:

The Bros shake hands. Peach comes out of her cel & kisses Luigi on the cheek.

She then gives Mario a long, passionate( not to mention overdue) kiss on the lips.

Mario faints, Peach & Luigi laugh

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