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Croco 64

Rated: 8/10

Rating- E (everyone)
Suggested Price: 69.95
Story: As it turns out, it was Bowser working for Smithy, not vice-versa! All five enemies (Bowser, Wart, Tatanga, Syrup and DK) work for him. It's tough to belive that, since Bowser helped get rid of Smithy. Today, Smithy sends out Wart to do some dirty work for him. Wart goes and attacks Moleville! All the molefolk run to Rose Town for safety. Wart starts stomping the buildings- then Croco appears. He, along with Belome, his friend, and the thieves, his minions, run Smithy out of Bowser's castle, and all Smithy's monsters out of their occupied town- but now without some problems along the way.

Croco: Powerful attacker, can steal. Weak against Magic.
Belome: Powerful Magic Defence. Can clone any enemy with a single chew! Weak against regular defence.
Minions: Powerful reguler defence. Can steal. Not good at attacking.
Yoshi, Luigi or Mario?: Luigi is a mini-boss trying to get his coins back. Yoshi is a competitor Croco races against to win items. Mario has a minigame where you can win items. Bowser fights against Smithy with you to get his castle back again... if you can clear his head from Smithy's control.

1. Moleville (Wart)
2. Rose Town (Tatanga)
3. Seaside Town (Syrup)
4. Monstro Town (The character's homeland, DK)
5. Nimbus Land (optional, I strongly suggest it, as you beat but GET Bowser)
6. Bowser's Keep (final battle Smithy)

1. Wart
2. Tatanga
3. Syrup
4. DK
5. (optional boss) Bowser
6. Smithy

1. Luigi
2. Evil Peach Clone
3. Mario (optional)


All enemies from SMRPG, plus extras from Mario 2!

Walkthrough of level 1
The game starts right when Croco finds out about Wart and Smithy and the rest. Go to Moleville through the mines (not a maze). When you get there, you find Wart. He runs for it toward Yoster' Isle. Now you go there, but as soon as you enter Rose Town Smithy notices you. He uses his diabolical magic to turn the Pipe Vault and the water into more Forest Maze. Go through this part (a maze) until you get to Yoster' Isle (no longer an island!). Wart seems to be nowhere in site... until he sneaks up behind you! You now have to fight him. Beat him and you start to leave (he's easy)... until Smithy uses more magic to turn him into a force to be reckoned with! Now you beat him and you're done with the first level!

Ian Fetters

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