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The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3

A good idea for a Mario game is "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3" for Gamecube. It sould follow the idea of the Super Mario Bros 3 cartoon series.


Mario (a fat plumber)

Luigi (Marios younger brother)

Princess Toadstool (the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom)

Toad (inhabitant of Mushroom Kingdom)

SECRET CHARACTERS (only playable in Super Mario Bros 3 for the Game Boy Advance)

Pricess Toadstool



Bowser (king of Koopas)

the Koopa kids (who should be called the names they were called on the show Kooky; Cheatsy; Kootie Pie ect)



Para goombas


Para koopas


and other enamies from the cartoon


Mushroom retainers (the inhabitants of the Mushroom kingdom)

the Kings from each world


Super Mushroom

Fire Flower



Sledgehammer suit

Frog suit

Tanooki suit

Kuribos Shoe

In this game you can switch from the two worlds the Mushroom Kingdom and the Real world. You will need to do this to complete certain tasks.


In the Mushroom Kingdom when you try to complete some tasks; you can talk to the Mushroom Retainers and they will sometimes tell you what you should do next. If you talk to the king of the world that you are in; he might give you something that will help you on your task. All of the characters have a different special power. Mario can charge up his fire balls and fire them as giant balls of flames. Luigi can do the same thing with a Sledgehammer suit. Princess Toadstool can float for a few seconds and Toad can use magic if he finds a wand. When you are playing; the characters that you are not playing as will follow you around and sometimes help you. If you want to (or need to) switch characters; you need to go into Toads house. You need to switch characters to complete many tasks.


The real world is almost the same as the Mushroom Kingdom. You can talk to the inhabitants of the Real world (Humans) for help (the Humans do the same thing as the Mushroom Retainers). Some times Bowser will take his Doom Ship to the Real world and You have to stop him from taking over it.



B-use suit or power up

Z-turn into a statue (Tanooki suit only)




                                                                     THE END

When you beat the game; the ending music from Super Mario Bros 3 will come on and it will show the credits and the characters. Then it will say "THE END" and it will play the original music from Super Mario Bros.




You can hook up the Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo Gamecube. When you do this; you can play Mini-Games and unlock secret characters in the game. To hook them up; you will need the Super Mario Bros 3 Game Boy Advance game.


Many things will have changed since Super Mario Bros 3. You will be able to carry power ups around in tasks and use them if you lose a special power. You will also be able to collect coins and use them to buy power ups and other things.


In the Mushroom Kingdom; there will be eight worlds;

Grass land

Desert land

Sea land

Giant world

Sky world

Ice land

Pipe maze

Dark land

In Dark land (the last world) You will battle Bowser for the final time (you battle him in other worlds too including the real world). When you beat him the credits will roll.

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