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Super Mario Skateboarding

Evil Bowser wants World domination. Instead of kidnapping Princess Peach, Bowser has other plans up his sleeve. Now, Bowser wants it skateboarding style! Bowser has challenged everyone in the Mario Universe to a skateboarding challenge. Hop and jump in 24 different skateparks. Chose from 10 different characters in all,with their own stats and skateboard. Hit other players with weapons or boost yourself up. Play in Adventure mode and collect different items from all 24 skateparks, and face bosses for the most points to get the next warp zone,and unlock different features in other modes. Get the best time and points you can in Time Trial, 1 player only. Play with 2 to 4 players in battle mode. Hop into Arcade and play against the computer with 1 to 4 players. Do do skateboarding tricks, create your own tricks, find hidden areas at skateparks, and much more! Super Mario Skateboarding is super fun, and will blast you away!!


1 to 4 player action

Ultimate graphics

Classic Characters

And More....


Nintendo Gamecube

Gameboy Advance

Nintendo 64

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