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At the game ideas section you can read and submit fan-created game ideas. I've redesigned the section to cut out the bloat that got in way of the really important thing: the ideas. Below the list are instructions on submitting your own idea to the site.

Game Ideas

The Princess Adventure
Yoshi’s World
Mario and Friends Ultimate Adventure
Wario and Waluigi World
Ultimate Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Adventure
Godzilla vs. Mario
Mario Darkness Wave
Future Mario
Super Wario 64
Super Mario Dejavu
Wario's Wrestling World
Waluigi's Island
Luigi's NEW Mansion
Mario & Luigi's Dark Kingdom
Super Mario World 4
Mario Gear Solid
Toadette's Great Adventure
Super Mario Sunshine 2: The Dark Sprite Awakens
Koopa Troopa
Yoshi And Mario's Story
Mario & Yoshi: Fire and Ice
Super Mario Band
Paper Mario 4
Super Mario: Fighting Frenzy!
Yoshi and Birdo's Christmas Eve Adventure
Mario Glitz Pit
Super Mario Skateboarding
Super Mario Bros: Ernie's Revenge
Mario and Luigi 2: The Road To Stardom
Super Mario: The Hidden Star Kingdom
Toad & Toadette: Trouble In The Mushroom Kingdom
Ultra Mario Land
Super Mario World 3
Mario's Game Creator.
Legend Of The Mushroom Kingdom
Mario and Luigi's Big Rescue
Mario Boo!
Mario Chess
Mario's Dark Quest
Mario's Magic Quest
Paper Luigi
Mario's Menace
Marios Fun Fight
Mario's Double Trouble
Mario Kart: The Race is On!
Nintendo City
Mario Jam
Mario in his Home
Pokemon: Mario Version
Paper Mario 3
Mario's Great Life
Paper Mario: Mario's Emotions
Mario and Wario
Super Mario Bros 4
Super Mario 64 Remix
Super Mario Adventures
Super Mario Bros: Shadowlands
Super Mario Mayhem
Super Mario RPG 3: Hamtaro Meets Mario
Super Mario RPG 3: Legend of the Lost Brother
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3
Toad's Great Adventure
Toad's Lame Adventure
The Liberation of the Mushrooms: Toad's Glory
War of Mario World
Super Mario Battle
Super Bowser Bros.
The Luigi Action World
Super Koopa Bros
Super Metal Cap Bros.
Super Mario's Mother
Yoshi's Island 2
Super Mallow 64
Super Yoshi 64
Super Tick Bros.
Super Mario Fun Pak64
Super Mario Bros. Adventure
Super Mario Madness
Super Mario Bros: The Mushroom Kingdom Story
Super Mario Bros: Return to Brooklyn
Super Mario Reunion
The Mario Brothers Space Adventure
Super Mario Revisited
Super Mario Bros. Next Generation
Super Heros
Super Mario Card Battle
Super Mario Adventure
Super Mario World 3: Curse of the Stars
Super Mario Sunshine 2: The Shadow Sprites
Super Mario RPG 3
SUPER MARIO RPG: Legend of the Shadow Shrine
Super Mario Reflections
Super Mario Bros. 2: Next Generation
Super Mario Jr. World
Dark Luigi
Bowser's Battle Against Mario
Goonie's Sky
Croco 64
BCW/mWo Wrestling
Bowser's Revenge
Chaotic Crossover Bash

Submit an Idea

Before you even begin you should realize one thing: I am not Nintendo, and although I do program games occasionally I will not be creating this game for you. What? This is obvious? You'd be surprised.

Next, read these guidelines and apply them to your idea:

  1. What you submit is what you get! Please format your idea the way you want it, and include a credit to yourself if you want one.
  2. Use correct spelling and grammar. Little things like "you" instead of "u" make a difference. If you are using a character's name, game name, or item name it must be capitalizated. When in doubt, check with this free grammar guide. I will not edit more than a few random mistakes from now on.
  3. Send only once for each idea. I get too much email as it is. Unless you get the mail sent back to you, assume I have received it.
  4. Keep content on a PG to mild PG-13 level. People of all ages may enjoy this page. There's no reason for a Mario game to have excessive swearing or violence (Mario type violence doesn't matter, I'm talking blood and guts spilling out).
  5. Put some effort into your submission. One liners wont even be considered. While not a requirement I suggest you try to be original as possible. No one wants to read the same thing over and over.
  6. Give me a title. If there is no title, your idea can not be listed!
  7. Make it related to Mario in some way.
  8. Include "Game Ideas" somewhere in your subject. This facilitates searching and improves your chances of getting posted.

Then submit it.

Please do not take it personally if I reject your idea, or do not reply at all. I usually process ideas only once or twice a month, if not longer. If you follow all the guidelines your idea should eventually make it to the site.


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  • Contact: Email:, AIM: eam1187

  • Gage - Assistant editor
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