Please note that this guide is not written as a level to level walk through. Since the game is easy anyway you don't actually need one.  This will just give basic hints and how to beat the bosses in each world.  I will have to thank John R. Jones II for the level by level information.   All the other info is from in the Super Game Boy Players Guide.

 Birabuto Kingdom / Muda Kingdom / Easton Kingdom / Chai Kingdom
When Mario arrived at Birabuto Kingdom he couldn't believe it!  Sand, sand, and more sand --- as far as the eye could see.  "Ah," thought Mario too himself, "it must be a great desert."  As Mario began to explore, he also found palm tress and pyramids.  Now he was certain that he was in a land similar to Egypt.  But there were the oddest creatures waiting for him, such as the bizarre Bunbun flies armed with spears. 
World 1-3: Hidden Lift! At the entrance to the pyramid(1-3), Mario can find a hidden lift if he hits an invisible block from below.

Fighting Totomesu If Mario wants to continue his journey, he's got to shower Totomesu with fireballs.  He can also hop over his arch rival and flip the lever, which will send Totomesu sinking.

In the first world, Mario found himself completely surrounded by hot desert sand.  But in World 2, it's nothing but water, water, and more water!  Mario has to be ready for some strange encounters.  Awaiting him is a horde of sea creatures the likes of which he's never seen in his heroic video game life.  But, as we all know, Mario is always up for a new challenge.
World 2-1:

World 2-2: World 2-3: Marine Pop  In world 2-3, Mario takes the plunge in a small but spunky mini-sub.  Batten down the hatches.

Hidden Floors In the lower passage in world 2-2, a small Mario will find a huge cache of coins.  To collect them, Mario has to use a special maneuver.  Take a leap of faith and fall to the invisible floor then run to the right to gather the coins.

Dragon Zamasu This dragon must have had some hot peppers for lunch!  He won't stop spitting fireballs at poor Mario.  Mario will be safest at the very bottom of the screen.  From there he can fire back.
The dark and depressing Easton Kingdom is filled with underwater tombs and rocks.  One look at the inhabitants of this particular world will bring back memories of Easer Island.  Mario has is work cut out. 
World 3-1:

World 3-2: World 3-3: Riding on Ganchan Mario can use the Ganchans to ride over obstacles.  Jump onto the Ganchan's back and ride over to the right side of the screen .  But be careful!  Always keep your eyes open and be ready to jump.

The Raging Hiyohoi A frightening combination of furious rage and evil cunning the stone monster Hiyohoi will annihilate all intruders with a spray of rocks.  Mario has to watch out so he doesn't get pounded on the head with one of these stones.  Hiyohoi can't be defeated but Mario can use the rocks as stepping stones to jump over Hiyohoi and reach the end of the stage.
In the Chai Kingdom, Mario goes up against the curious flower, PomPom, the man-eating plant, Pakkun, Nyolin the snake, Biokinton the cloud, and other creepy creatures.  Luckily, Mario finds his special jet-fighter in World 4-3, which makes things a little easier.  But even with his plane, Mario will have a tough time with the head honcho, Tatanga.  Naturally, he doesn't want to give up the kidnapped Princess Daisy.  But Mario won't take no for an answer!
World 4-1:

World 4-2: World 4-3: Sky Pop In World 4-3, Mario gets to travel in style in his own personal airplane, Sky Pop.

Biokinton Mario always thought clouds were soft, puffy helpless things, until he met Biokinton!  Avoid his shots and fire a few in return to make your day a little brighter.

There he is:  Tatanga! Only great skill and dedication can help Mario defeat Tatanga!  And, of course, the thought of Mario's poor Princess Daisy gives him an extra boost of super-plumber power.

It's not over Yet!

After you've finished the game keep going and you'll reach the levels a second time.  The difference is they're much harder this time around!

If you make it though the second adventure, you can continue play on any level you choose.
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