illusion. oooooooh!
Roy Koopa has been too busy practicing his attack techniques to send loads of his enemies into the forest, instead he has let nature do its thing. However he did trap quite a few creatures in stones on his way through, so watch out for them.

Forest of Illusion 1 / Forest of Illusion 2 / Blue Switch Palace / Forest of Illusion 3 / Forest Ghost House
Forest of Illusion 4 / Forest Secret Area / Forest Fortress / #5 Roy's Castle

Forest of Illusion 1

Level Type Forest level

Using the Springboard If you have Yoshi then it may be worth carrying the springboard around with you. You can use it to reach berries high in the trees. There are a few pink berries for that coin tossing cloud guy.

The note block puzzle When you reach an "L" shaped pile of note blocks, hit the yellow block to make a 1-UP Mushroom appear and then hit the note blocks to bounce it over the edge and into your hands.

Mid-Point Tape This is floating after a bit where you can't see because of trees in the way. It is quite easy to reach.

SECRET EXIT to Forest Ghost House You will cross over a bunch of yellow logs after a while. These Yelloe Logs have a small platform with a keyhole and a ? block underneath. You must make your way to the right side and hit a different ? block to get a P-Balloon. Use it to float back under the yellow logs and to the platform where you can get the secret key from inside the ? block.

End Tape The regular goal will take you to Forest of Illusion 2.

Forest of Illusion 2

Level Type Underwater maze.

Dragon Coin 1 Start swimming through the Urchin Maze and you will find a Dragon Coin being protected by an Urchin. Swim past the Urchin to grab it.

3 routes! Take the bottom route and you will come across a small hole that you cannot access because of invisible blocks. One of them has a 1-UP Mushroom in. The middle and top routes take you to the same place and put you on the right track.

Dragon Coin 2 At the very end of the bottom route mentioned above.

Dragon Coin 3 Take the top route and a Dragon Coin is waiting for you past two Urchins.

Dragon Coin 4 When you have been swimming along a bit, you will eventually reach a few vertical moving Urchins. The first one holds a Dragon Coin.

SECRET EXIT to Blue Switch Palace When you have gone past the vertical swimming Urchins, move down and left to find a secret tunnel with a key and a keyhole at the end of it.

Dragon Coin 5 To get this, you will need to swim up into the huge swarm of Rip Van Fishes and grab it. It is scary and hard.

End Tape The regular goal will take you to Forest of Illusion 3.

Blue Switch Palace

Level Type Switch Palace

Collect as many of the coins along the bottom row as you can and then hit both switches. The gray coins that were once spinys will drop and be yours for the taking, giving you extra lives as you find 'em. Now go through the pipe at the end and hit the Giant Blue Switch to turn the blue dotted lines into Blue ! Blocks.

Forest of Illusion 3

Level Type Forest in darkness.

Guys in bubbles It's true. This level is based on the fact that enemies who float around in bubbles are much harder than normal.

Dragon Coin 1 There are two green pipes near the beginning. A Dragon Coin is in the middle of them.

Warp Pipe You will spring over a blue pipe shortly. The blue pipe after that can be accessed for a bonus game.

Dragon Coin 2 Hit the bottom of the yellow block with a red shell on it to make the shell fly up and knock out another yellow block. A springboard will fall down. Use it to spring over the yellow pipe and grab the Dragon Coin on your way.

Mid-Point Tape Sitting in plain view after some yellow blocks with goombas in bubbles.

Dragon Coin 3 Floating over a pair of Yellow Pipes with a hole in the middle. Jump up to get it.

Dragon Coin 4 You will soon reach a group of ? blocks scattered randomly across the level. A Dragon Coin nestles among them.

Warp Pipe There is a tall green pipe near the end of the level. Inside is a cave...

SECRET EXIT to #5 Roy's Castle

Dragon Coin 5 Sitting next to the big green warp pipe.

End Tape The regular goal takes you to Forest Ghost House

Forest Ghost House

Level Type Ghost House Maze

Dragon Coin 1 Make your way through the narrow tunnel and come out near some ? Blocks. A dragon Coinis above them

Dragon Coin 2 When you are in the second area, avoid the diving boo buddies and get the Dragon Coin after the ? Block.

Dragon Coin 3 Still in the second area, there is a platform with a Dragon Coin above it. Grab it.

Dragon Coin 4 A chunky wooden block is home to another Dragon Coin.

Tricky doors Pick up the P-Switch and carry it as far right as you can. Now jump on it to make a magic blue door appear. This will take you through to above the ceiling in the first area again. Run left to find more doors.

Dragon Coin 5 In between the two doors is a Dragon Coin.

Which door to take The first door will take you Forest of Illusion 4. The second door will take you to Forest of Illusion 1. You must get both exits to get a complete score on the File Select Screen.

Forest of Illusion 4

Level Type Forest Clearing

Don't fall for Lakitu's Bribe Lakitu dangles a 1-UP Mushroom at you in this level. As soon as you take it he will start to throw spiny eggs.

Dragon Coin 1 Climb to the top of the Yellow Blocks with a Mushroom on top and jump off to the right to get a dragon coin.

Dragon Coin 2 Safely tucked away underneath some ? blocks is this Dragon Coin.

Dragon Coin 3 You will soon find another shifting pipe like the ones earlier in the game. Use it to go up and get the Dragon Coin in the air.

Mid-Point Tape Stuck up on a thin yellow pipe on top of a hill is the Mid-Point. You have to reach it from the right hand side using the yellow lakitu pipe.

SECRET EXIT to Forest Secret Area A lakitu is hiding in a blue pipe in the air in a little while. Knock him out and go down the pipe to find a cave with a key and a keyhole in.

Warp Pipe There is a group of three green pipes soon. The middle one takes you to a pointless water area that takes you further back in the level.

Dragon Coin 4 You will soon come to a blue shell resting between some ? blocks in a step formation. Pick up the Blue Shell and throw it at Lakitu to knock him out of his cloud. Now climb up the ? steps and jump in the cloud for a ride. Fly up and grab the Dragon Coin very high in the air.

Dragon Coin 5 After some magic blue block pyramids you will come to some pipes. A Dragon Coin waits for you there.

End Tape The regular goal takes you to Forest of Illusion 2.

Forest Secret Area

Level Type Flying through the trees

Dragon Coin 1 Stay on the first flying platform to get the first Dragon Coin at the bottom.

Dragon Coin 2 Stay on the first flying platform to get the second Dragon Coin at the top.

Dragon Coin 3 Stay on the first flying platform to get the third Dragon Coin at the top.

Dragon Coin 4 Get onto the second platform to get the fourth Dragon Coin at the top.

Dragon Coin 5 Get onto the first platform to get the fifth Dragon Coin at the top.

End Tape When you hit the end tape you will get extra lives for the 1-UP Mushrooms trapped behind the goal. The goal will take you to Forest Fortress.

Forest Fortress

Level Type Fortress

Area 1 The first area pits you against Grinders and huge pounding stumps. There is a safe place to avoid each separate attack but you will have to find them (here's a hint, don't be too hasty to run ahead.)

Area 2 and the great big lava pit! Area 2 has more grinders in it so be very careful to avoid them. At the end of this area you can go two ways, either into the big red door or over the great big lava pit.  In order to get across the large lave-pit with help from the cape, spin jump onto the podobos and you will find 9 1-ups and another red door to the boss.

Beat Up Reznor These dino dragons sit on a rotating platform and blow fire at you. Hit the platforms from below to knock them off. Once two have been knocked off then the floor starts to destroy itself. Now you must get on the rotating platform and knock out the other two. You will then be led to Star Road 4.


#5 Roy's Castle

Level Type Koopa Castle

The block snake For most of this level you will have to ride on a block snake. This snake will not carry you with it so you must keep moving to make sure you don't fall off into the lava. It will often start curving into strange formations, just keep a cool head and stand where it looks safe.

Dragon Coin 1 Shortly after you stand on the Block Snake.

Dragon Coin 2 This Dragon Coin will be waiting for you near the entrance of the spiked room.

Dragon Coin 3 Still in the spiked room, this Dragon Coin is under a falling spike.

Dragon Coin 4 Another Dragon Coin under a spike.

To P-Switch or not to P-Switch... When the snake has left you, you will find yourself on a set of steps near a P-Switch. If you hit it then an extra life will fall in the room in front of you and if you don't press it then the Bowser statue will not fall. It's your choice.

Dragon Coin 5 Floating over the second Shrink/Grow Platform.
Beat Up Roy Koopa Roy Koopa's attacks are very similar to Morton Koopa JR's. He will run along, up a wall and then drop on you. The only difference is that the room gets smaller each time you hit him on the head. It doesn't make much difference. Jump on him three times to beat him. Roy shows off his new body spray

Mario found his way through the Forest of Illusion and has put an end to Roy Koopa of castle #5. Onward to the dangerous (but tasty) Chocolate Island!

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